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Product Reviews

Silver Enamel Dog ID Tag

You know, we often get asked: does Merry ever tire of being a princess? Does she ever long for the days before closets and photo shoots, before satin and rhinestones, before dog beds in every corner of the house and a dizzying array of organic treats with the finest organic meats available, wishing she could just get down and dirty like every other dog in the world?

To which we reply (on the pug's behalf, of course): are you kidding?

Sure, the life of a princess has duties and responsibilities. Good skin care. Healthy eating and exercise. The daily requirements of meeting and greeting her fan base. And the autographed 8x10s. Oh, the autographer 8x10s that she must painstakingly sign!

But she wouldn't have it any other way.

That's why the princess is loving her new silver enamel dog ID tag from Bijoux Four Paws - because it declares to all the world that she is a Princess, and proud of it!

The tag is part of a new line of hand-enameled tags carried by Bijoux Four Paws, and they're really very high quality tags.

They come in two sizes - medium and large (the medium is pictured, right). Diameters range from 3/4" to 1 and 1/4". The front has a darling Princess design complete with crown and is enameled in a glowing hot pink. That's to catch your attention, darling.

Because the size of these tags, only two lines of information are allowed on the back (the folks at Bijoux Four Paws kindly included Merry's name and our phone number on the back of hers). However, engraving is free. But shh. Don't tell the princess.

Each tag comes with a sterling lobster clasp that should attach to most collars or chain necklaces without a hitch. What's more, the enamel should stand up nicely to the kind of abuse that our pet tags usually go through in a given month, clanking against the collar.

Totally cute, and totally princess. What more could a princess pug ask for?

You can find out more about Bijoux Four Paws from their web site at

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