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Rock N Roll Dog Tees

Those of you who have been reading Merry's product reviews over the years already know her as a pug who's a little bit princess (okay, okay, a lot princess, fine, you're right), a little bit country, and a fair dash of rock and roll.

This, I believe, is the necessary mix to create a fabulous, diva but down-to-earth, lovable pug.

Who's with me?

Luckily, Merry's friends at K9 Duds have been keeping her in mind throughout the years as they design their fab rock-inspired tees, and this month's lineup of designs is no exception.

First up is the Rock and Roll Lives dog tank, crossed with a silkscreened guitar and a logo decked out like the Union Jack. It's very cool, it's very rock, but I will say it was probably the weakest of the three designs they sent, because it's SO hard to read, even close up (I'm holding the shirt in my hands as we speak and have to strain to really see the words).

The shirt itself though is as gorgeous as all K9 Duds' creations: a 100% cotton black mineral wash that's stretchy and soft and ribbed and all cuddly like.

The second tank, Little Monster, is hysterical. Tattoo/biker inspired iconography ranges from crossed long guns, a skull with wings, and roses (natch). Hot pink lettering wraps up the design - this time, fully readable - atop a hot washed pink tank, also 100% cotton and mineral washed and ribbed and really, I could wear a million of these shirts.

The final tank is a retro late 60's inspired Rock and Soul with a lovely gradient design (yellow, through to orange, through to purple), hot guitars and peace signs, baby. It's the summer of love all over again only this time, starring your pup. Ditto on the mineral wash here - have I mentioned how cuddly soft this makes the tanks?

Fit is fabulous and standard to the K9 Duds line - if you own one shirt, you know how they'll all fit your pup - and they're tanks, so you don't need to worry about sleeves getting in the way of a partying good time.

You can find out more about K9 Duds or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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