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Rock Inspired Dog Tee & Tank

Once upon a time, Rock used to rule my life (except for that brief time when I was into Tiffany, and Alanis before she added the "Morisette" - but we don't speak about that). I was a teen of the 80's, after all, and hair bands were at their peak. If a band had a power ballad, I had their tape.

Fast forward twenty years, and my music - the stuff I rebelled with, the stuff I cranked up in the car, the stuff I shut my parents' voices out with - is now on Rock Band and Guitar Hero and my kids are begging to borrow my iPod crammed with hair metal tunes.


Luckily, all this rock means that Merry grew up a very rock-aware princess; we've been "dancing" together to rock tunes together since she was a puppy. (Mostly I dance, she bounces in my arms. Close enough.)

It means she's the perfect put to try out a rock-inspired tee (Twisted Dogster) and tank (Dogapoolooza) from TORU.

The Twisted Dogster tee is hands down my fave. First... rock bands, you did read my preamble, right? I used to love the music group that inspired this tee. (Dee's still kickin around today, in fact - running a fantastic radio show, among other things.) Second, look at the red. Look at the gorgeous, luscious, two tones of red in this hip raglan tee. Did I mention that red was my favorite color?

The tee features lightning bolts screenprinted over the right shoulder and left side and the words "Twisted Dogster" in the center back, with the subtext "the bad doz of rock'n roll". Contrast stitching runs in two ro`ws around all edges.

100% cotton, lightweight, it makes a super tee for spring, summer or fall.

The Dogapoolooza tank actually steps a little further back into rock history (unless you count the one in '94 or '99 - I don't, do you?) to the golden summer of '69 when half a million music lovers poured into New York state and took over for a weekend.

"Dogapoolooza", the shirt declares, "Summer of Love Tour '08, featuring The Dogs & Bone Addiction. The Great Lawn, Aug. 20-22". All in wonderfully groovy, baby script and featuring a fire hydrant spewing water and pooch riding its psychedelic wave. Small rhinestones bling up the shirt, and complement the over-the-top pink, red and magenta color scheme. Red contrast stitching runs in two rows around the collar, sleeve openings, and waist.

Does your pooch wear a harness instead of a collar? No problem - both tee and tank come with handy reinforced leash holes in the back of the shirt for easy access. 100% cotton, lightweight.

Fit is just excellent - a little roomy, these aren't completely form fitting tops but instead give room to leap and jump. Workmanship "rocks" - just as we've come to expect from all TORU designs.

Is your pooch ready to embrace his or her inner rock god? These tees and tanks are a fabulous way to start.

You can find out more about TORU from their web site at

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