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Rock Inspired Dog Hoodies

The eternal question when it comes to your playlist is this: are you a little bit country, or a little bit rock 'n' roll?

For Merry, the answer is definitely rock 'n' roll. It might be because her human "siblings" play Rock Band and Guitar Hero and listen to the rock of my childhood for a great chunk of their day (rolls eyes). It might be because her Mom used to sing in a rock band for a while in high school (we even had a single gig - gasp) and has a real soft spot for 80's hair bands. It might be because her Dad likes 90's rock and his playlist is peppered with tunes from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Green Day.

With this kind of rock pedigree, how could the pug not be down with rock 'n' roll?

The folks at TORU - whose motto is "rock your dog's world" - sent along a package of goodies perfect for any little furry rocker. The first part of this package will be this month's review: two hoodies inspired by rock bands (a Poo Fighters hoodie in bright yellow, and a Butthole Sniffers hoodie in hot pink).

First up, the Butthole Sniffers dog hoodie. A lovely magenta-toned hot pink with a vintage white sleeve and hood, this raglan dog hoodie features navy contrast stitching. The back of the hoodie is screened with a vintage look to it and features the words "the Butthole Sniffers" and a small dog icon. The chest is printed with the TORU logo.

The Poo fighters hoodie (with its lovely retro screened design) is in a bright mustard color. The type is a fabulously retro 70s rounded block with a sun in the background and the tagline "mounds of glory". The chest is also printed with the TORU logo.

Both hoodies come with the same cut and overall design. 100% cotton, midweight sweat material with super-fleecy soft interiors. A mid-length sleeve, a longer back with a shorter belly (to accommodate rockin' boy dogs). The hood is fabulous, functional, bulky enough to give the shirt some real weight but not so bulky that it takes over the outfit. It fits like a dream over the head and looks adorable on. Behind the hood, each sweater features a stitched harness hole.

The quality of workmanship is incredibly high. Two rows of stitching throughout (including along the edge of the hood, at the base of the shirt and each sleeve) in contrasting colors. There are no size tags anywhere - the "tag" which features the fabric info and sizing, is screenprinted on the inside of the hoodie near the tail.

Fit is fabulous. They're a very boxy cut, which means the hoodies are a little more fitted around the shoulders and (on a physically fit dog) looser at the waist. Yum.

Honestly, the quality of the design, cut and manufacture of these hoodies impressed me a great deal. So much so that I have only question:

Darn it, when are they going to make hoodies like this - boxy and with the same material - for ladies? I'd kill for one or two of these for lazy Sundays with a pair of dog jeans.

You can find out more about TORU from their web site at

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