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Rocker Tanks and Dog Hoodie

Keith Richards once called Rock and Roll "music for the neck downwards".

We totally get that, man. Particularly the pug, who's way more about the movin', the groovin' and the sensation than about the heavy thinking. It's why sleep, food and play (not necessarily in that order) are her three, like, totally favorite things.

And that's why the new collection of Rockin' tanks and Rockin' hoodies from K9 Duds are perfect for the princess. It's in tune (pardon the pun) for the way she rolls. (Get it? Rolls?)

Oh, I kill myself.

The folks from K9 Duds sent along three samples from their Rockin' collections: a Punk Rock Never Dies tank in black, a Rock Star tank in Pink, and a Rock Star hoodie in pink.

First up, the Punk Rock dog tank. If you love Sid Vicious, if you can't live without the Clash (and who can?), this is totally the tank for you. Sleeveless and made of 100% cotton with a deliciously soft stretchy rib, the shirt is deadly cute and features a gorgeously distressed Union Jack (because everyone knows that all good Punk has its start in the UK). While this tank comes in pink, we're kind of glad they sent along the black. In my opinion, the black totally makes the shirt rock. If you'll pardon the pun. How can you look like a good punk rocker in anything but black? OK, maybe a bit of red or blue, but then this shirt's got that too.

The second tank, also sleeveless is the lovely Rock Star tank. While they call this color "pink", we know pink better than any other color, and trust us... it's more like a light mauve. It's got a shiny grey Rock Star emblem emblazoned across the back (in a gorgeous Old English font - don't get me started on cool fonts, we'll be here all day) complete with two lions holding up the 'star'. Just the thing for your little Puppy Idol wannabe. The material is that same 100% cotton gorgeous rib that's used in the black tank above, but it's all wonderfully faded and interesting thanks to its mineral washed coloring.

Fit for both the tanks - well, rocked. (I rule!) These soft tanks are a little stretchy but not so much that you'll have big holes around the neck or arms - they fit snugly. One big seam runs down the chest with two smaller seams running from each arm hole. What we liked best about this design is not only does it make the tank wonderfully, softly form fitting, but it also ensures you're not looking at ugly seams. They're all buried on the underside of the tank. Sweet.

The hoodie is a "truer" pink, with a soft and cuddly 80% cotton, 20% poly blend. It, too, features a silvery "Rock Star" logo and is also a wonderful quirky finish, thanks to its own mineral washed coloring. The belly is notched slightly underneath to allow boys to wear it too (well, maybe not the pink, but this hoodie also comes in black). Even the hood features a little button hole to allow a leash to sneak through.

If we had one thing to change about the hoodie, it would be the hood itself: it's a snug fit. Really, more of a "decorative" dog hood than a functional one, and that's a real shame. Because everyone knows real rockers wear their hoods up, man, especially after partying all night with the band. But maybe we'll see a looser, more functional hoodie in future designs!

Dude, if you totally want to play the part, go on tour, rock the ages, you have to get yourself some K9 Duds. We love the 'tude in the clothing by this designer, and their Rockin' line doesn't disappoint.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to teach the pug a wicked riff for the bridge. Catch you later. You can find out more about K9 Duds from their web site at

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