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Ribbon Overlay Dog Collars

Some people might say fashion is an art; others might say it's a reflection on our culture and times, but we just like it because it lets us express all the colors that we love, all the textures that we love, in perfect sync with our changing moods.

In other words, fashion is about having fun, baby.

It's one of the reasons we so enjoyed the package of fun fashion collars sent in by Hanna Banana. They, like us, seem to get the Fun in fashion. And the collection of collars we got to try out just proved it.

The first collar we tried out was from Hanna Banana's fun new Spring collection. It's an adorable pink with green paisley print, totally in line with the geek chic style that's been hitting the runways lately (we can't believe argyle's back too, and don't even get us started on neon colors). It's a 1" collar backed with bright springtime green nylon with a black plastic easy-release buckle and a silver d-ring. The matching leash comes in two different lengths (4' and 6') and a 3/4" width (shown) or a 1" width for strong pullers or bigger dogs.

Second, we went from lively to luxe with the to-die-for Spiffy dog collar in black, part of Hanna Banana's Fancy Pants collection. This little number was a solid and respectable black nylon covered with a luxurious midnight black velvet. Our favorite part: rather than a typical rhinestone decoration on the front of the collar, this one's functional, acting as the slide for the adjustable collar. What a super idea! And the neat circle of rhinestones made for an unforgettable luxe look while still keeping the easy functionality of a black plastic easy-release buckle. We couldn't help ourselves, this is definitely our favorite (we're such suckers for the luxe look!).

Our third and last fashion turn was with a preppy little jacquard number with adorable martini glasses on the side. Sure, the pug can't actually drink martinis, but do you really think that's going to stop the princess? Of course not! We just fill up a 'tini glass full of cranberry juice over ice and tell the world she's drinking a Cosmo (and really, have you seen a more cosmo girl?). This set, too, is in a pink and green combo but with a much punchier pink with the same fastenings and findings as the rest of their collection.

The workmanship was excellent and the benefit of using plastic fastenings meant that the collars remained nice and light. (Martingales are also available, if preferred.)

Super style, great looks, fun fashion! Four paws up!

You can find out more about Hanna Banana from their web site at

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