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Ribbon Dog Collars and Leashes

While we love leather dog collars, there's one thing that the ribbon collar holds over all leather collars that keeps us coming back for more:

Style, baby.

Ribbons come in roughly a million different designs, colors and patterns... enough to satisfy even the most fabulous of diva wardrobes. When combined into ribbon dog collars, these little circlets of panache are the perfect go-to accessory for the fashionista furball. You can switch them in and out by season, introduce new colors and patterns to stay hip, and match up any wardrobe item with a complementary ribbon collar design.

One of our favorite ribbon collar designers is Owen and Olivia; they've continued to send along fun styles and themes and the selection they sent us for this Merryvaluation are no different.

First up, the deliciously French-inspired French Fleur style. I can't begin to tell you how we fell in love with the gorgeous fleur-de-lis design. It's such an iconic pattern and the way it stands out on the collar is fantastic. The colors are yu-ummy; pink and black are a gorgeous match; so classic, so very French, darling.

We also love that it was paired with a black nylon backing. It would have been so easy to make this mor "girly" with pink instead, but it wouldn't make the collar "pop" the way the black does. It's really eye catching and the princess gets many comments on the street when she's decked out in it.

Second, the lighthearted lilac polka dot design made us smile. Polka dots are always in style, in our opinion - you can't go wrong with them. A lovely mid-range lilac with white polkadots, the collar would be perfect for spring or fall. And I've always been a sucker for grosgrain.

This style was backed with a lighter gray nylon backing. Honestly, it reminded me of Easter Sunday - paired with a lilac polka dot dress, wouldn't this be a looker?

Both dog collar and leash sets, as with all Owen & Olivia pieces, are made from sturdy nylon, quality ribbon, with black molded adjustment pieces and buckles, and silver-toned d-rings and leash clips.

The quality is (as we've come to expect from this company) excellent, with unobtrusive stitching on both sides of the leash and collar.

The one thing we were particularly pleased with: these collars and leads are actually softer and more supple than previous samples we've reviewed! Looks like this company listened to our feedback in our last review - always good news, as a company that listens well bodes well for the consumer - and you get to benefit, with softer and gentler collars and leads with little or no "breaking in" time.

We've already started planning matching outfits for these fab collars (since what are new collars, really, but an excuse to buy more clothes to match?), and we can definitely tell you this: the princess pug will look fabulous in her new collar sets from Owen and Olivia.

You can find out more about Owen and Olivia from their web site at

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