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Product Reviews

Ribbon Dog Collar Collection

As much as the little diva and I both love the pink and frilly, the reality is we live in a large metro area, and the urban esthetic influences our styles from season to season. You just can't live in a big city and get away with having a solely frilly esthetic.

It's all about balance.

The folks at Wonderdog NYC are definitely part of the urban esthetic. Clean lines, function as well as form, muted, modern colors and styles. They sent along a large selection of their most popular puppy collar and harness styles for us to try out, and the diva pug was in her glory. (As we've discussed before, new collars are like new shoes only for dogs. This was therefore like getting several new pairs of shoes to try out. The only thing better than that is chocolate.)

The first two collars are part of the Patchwork collection - photo #1 shows the Saffron and #2 shows the moss combination with leash. Both collar and matching leash come with countoured nickle plated buckles (solid and classy) and are adjustable and easy-release. The plaid was sophisticated and could easily be used for girl or boy furkids.

The third and fourth photos highlight options from the Pee Wee collection. Photo #3 shows their adjustable harness design in Grasshopper, and the fourth shows two separate collars (photographed together here just for show) in June Bug and Dragonfly color palettes. These collars and harness are also adjustable but use black plastic quick-release buckles rather than the nickel. The stripes are simply adorable, but we were surprised to see only the front of the harness decorated with the ribbon, and the belly loop is simply plain nylon.

Finally, photo #5 shows a collar from the Metro Stripe collection in Blue. These are definitely colors that are gender-neutral - you could easily put them on either boy or girl. Again, the metro has a one-touch black plastic release.

Each collar shown here is made from the finest French ribbon sewn onto sturdy nylon webbing. We loved the materials used - very chic, very urban in their look and feel. You won't find frills here, but the collars are so much fun you may find yourself picking up a few so you have a selection to choose from at walk time!

If we had one thing to change: we understood (we think!) the reasoning behind only using the ribbon on the front of the harness rather than all through it - to put the focus visually on the front of the dog. Still, I think we would have preferred to have a consistent look throughout, rather than having (less attractive) nylon bare around the belly. Perhaps this could be offered as an option on a future harness style?

Overall, we really liked the Wonderdog dog collars and think they're a terrific addition to any urban fido's wardrobe. The company has lots of styles to choose from, so there should be something for everyone.

We look forward to seeing what's next for Wonderdog NYC!

You can find out more about Wonderdog NYC from their web site at

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