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Rhinestone Bone Collars & Leads

Oh, the princess loves her some bling. There is just something about shiny sparkly rhinestones and this most diva of pugs that go together like, well, Tiffany and diamonds.

(The pug would also not turn down any gifts that Tiffany would like to send. She likes rhinestones, to be sure - but is not at all averse to diamonds. Neither, for that matter, is her owner. Just in case anyone from Tiffany is, you know, reading this.)

But back to rhinestones. The princess was thrilled to find out that Rouge New York have yet another set of rhinestone collars and leads (see our previous review) - this time, feauring rhinestone-encrusted bones placed along the collar.

These collars and leads come in two widths, based on the size needed: 1/2 inch wide collars with 3/8 inch wide matching leads, or 1 inch wide collars with 1 inch wide leads. Merry wears a size 14, so the collars in the photos are the 1/2 inch wide variety. But the collars come all the way up to that's-not-a-dog-it's-a-horse sizes, and those are in the 1" wide style to accomodate larger necks.

These fab collars come in four different colors: rich chocolate brown, a feisty lime, a bright turqouise blue and (natch) a solid, mid-range pink. (We know our pinks!) To be honest, all four colors are really delish. The chocolate brown is nice and dark, perfect for the upcoming autumn season. The lime and turquoise are both vibrant and daring; they are simply awesome for summer but we may also use them in the winter because that hit of color against the white snow would rock. And the pink is a nice mid-range color; not too "hot" or dark, but not too pale either. It's got a slight magenta cast to it, making it a "cool" pink rather than a warm pink.

The topside of the collar is a faux alligator leather and it's backed by tan pleather. Each style is stitched both on the front and back; the thread used perfectly coordinates with the collar so it's "seamless". Each rhinestone-encrusted bone is not glued on but actually fastened right through the collar; the flat metal studs on the back of the collar help to hold it in place.

Each collar also features a single, smaller silver bone charm also covered in rhinestones. All findings are silver, including those on the matching 4' leash (6' leash in the larger sizes). The leash, too, features a single bone fastened just beneath the handle, also fastened all the way through the leash with metal studs on the back. The leash is one-sided and features the same tan pleather backing as the collar.

Solidly made, the princess and I were pleased with the results. The fit was good - Merry's neck fit the 2nd last hole of the 11-14" collar - and the quality was wonderfully consistent.

And - did we mention bling? These babies sparkle in the sun like nobody's business. Merry had fans circled around her everywhere she went, convinced they were in the presence of a superstar.

Which, of course, they were.

Very solidly made and absolutely pretty collars from Rouge New York - with the high quality, excellent design we've come to expect from them!

You can find out more about Rouge New York from their web site at

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