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Rhinestone & Pearl Dog Necklaces

Whenever there is a movie about becoming a princess, there is always a scene where the princess-to-be gets to finally lay eyes on what she's been breathlessly waiting to see... the royal jewelry collection. Inevitably this scene is highlighted with a great dramatic score and spotlights placed just-so, so that everything sparkles and twinkles and all you can think about is how much you want to be that girl just to see all that jewelry close up and know that you'll be allowed to wear any of it, you could just walk up and touch the sparklingness with your royal princess-to-be fingertips...

Or is that just us?

At any rate, those scenes are about the fulfillment of a dream. Every princess or wannabe-princes loves sparkly jewelry. And that's precisely what our princess was lucky enough to test out for this month's review.

The kind folks at Bark & Sparkle put together not one but two fabulous necklaces for our princess to evaluate. The first is a pearl collar made entirely of Swarovski pearls. These are colored pearls - there are over a dozen shades to choose from - and this precise shade is Powder Almond Pearl (can't you just roll that over your tongue like rich mochalatte?). It's a fun shade, because it's not just one color. There are hints of mauve and rich cream and the slightest tint of rose. They'd go great with any number of outfits, because they'd easily pick up the hues of whatever you were wearing, becoming more cream or more mauve or more rose as the situation demanded.

The length was perfect. We've seen a lot of jewelry, folks, and it's rare that you see a length that so perfectly fits. Many designers end up adding an extra inch or so to allow for variances in fur or the measuring skills of the consumer, but this necklace was bang-on. What a relief!

One of our biggest pet peeves with pet necklaces is the clasp and dangle. So often the connectors are either so fragile-looking that they wouldn't hold up to a good tug (and hey, let's not forget that these are for doggies, yes?) or they look so bulky that they've lost their dressy appeal.

This is no problem at all with the Bark & Sparkle necklaces. Of all the necklaces we've seen, this company has found the perfect balance between a sturdy clasp and connector, and something that still looks delicate and attractive. Now these look like necklaces that are appropriate for everyday wear!

Every pearl necklace comes with a dangle - you have your choice of a crystal & pearl dangle or sterling silver charms.

The other necklace the company sent along was a little touch of Swarovski-encrusted festivity; called The Candy Cane, it's a four-row charmer with alternating clear, red, and green Swarovski crystals. It was definitely a sparkler - the photos barely do it justice - and how fun, for the holiday season! :) As with the pearl necklace, this necklace featured a nice sturdy clasp and connector, while still remaining feminine and delicate-looking.

This necklace, too, was the perfect length - an even tougher job to manage when dealing with the broader design of a rhinestone necklace. A delightful feature.

We really, really loved checking out the new offerings from Bark & Sparkle. Incredibly high quality work, and a dedication to what will work best for pets. And a princess with smiling eyes - she does so love her sparklies. :)

You can find out more about Bark & Sparkle from their web site at

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