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Retro Dog Bed

Merry is a diva. (Most of you already know this.) Merry's Mom has a slight fetish for retro. When Retro Rover contacted us about Merryvaluating one of their incredibly fun retro dog begs, Merry and I were very excited. Perhaps me, even more so than the princess. :)

We did hit one wee snag. Although the bed is probably large enough for most dogs her size, Merry (being a very space-consuming diva) was a little too big for the bed. The reason for this is simple. Merry generally does not sleep all curled up and adorable like most dogs her size. No, no, queen to the end, the pug simply will not lay on a bed any other way than stretched full-out, arms and legs extended. It's silly, really. When she curls up with me on the couch, she actually curls up. But put her on her own dog bed, and you'd think the little bit was afraid that some other dog will come up and snatch her "territory" away from her.

I've discussed this with her at length. I've tried different temperatures in the house. But in the end, have you ever tried to convince a pug of anything? I thought so. Well, believe me when I say it's a task far bigger than I.

What this means, of course, is that Merry discovered rather quickly that her arms and legs would extend off the ends of the bed. And once that discovery was made, nothing doing - she wouldn't lay on it.

Ever the resourceful Mom, I decided to just take the bed away from her and give it to her good friend and playmate, Skura. So really, this is a Skuravaluation. Big thanks to Skura and her mom, Joyce, for helping me out!

The design is oh-my-goodness adorable. I mean really. If you're at all into retro, then the beds from Retro Rover will take your breath away. They will make you laugh. They will remind you of the good old days. The style that Retro Rover kindly sent along is called "Swank", and it's a delicious 50's retro style with lots of rusts, browns, yellows and greens.

The fabric is blessedly sturdy. No worrying about little dog nails digging away at the fabric here! It's made of 100% cotton bark cloth made in Maine, and feels like good solid upholstery fabric. Each cover is carefully hand-stitched with exquisite attention to detail. Best of all: each dog bed comes with a nylon liner that sits between the cover and the fill. Both the bed cover and liner zip off for easy machine wash - perfect. Each bed is overstuffed with downy, high-loft fiberfill.

Eventually, I'll end up having to pick up a larger Retro Rover bed for Merry, because they really are just stunning, and incredibly well made.

Skura's mom, Joyce, gave the bed two thumbs up: "Skura really loves it and insists on sleeping on it instead of her old country green plaid one. We put them side by side and can surely tell which one she prefers."

A rave review from this little dog, believe me!

You can find out more about Retro Rover from their web site


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