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Product Reviews

Retractable Dog Leashes

Okay, who's with me: don't you just love retractable leads? Aren't they just a million times more flexible on walks than regular leashes?
Don't get me wrong: there's a place for regular strap leashes. But if you're going to be walking through a variety of situations - street, park, other dogs, people, kids, indoors, outdoors... there's nothing more flexible than a retractable dog leash.
The real problem with retractables is that they're so... plain jane boring. Solid colors. Cheap rough plastic.
The dog world has been screaming for decent attractive decorative retractable dog leashes and the two samples sent in from Funny Fur totally fit the bill.

The first style is Sherlock, a houndstooth-inspired print in black and white with a black handle, locking button and nylon leash. I loved its simplicity and its quiet elegance.
The second style is Floral Fling, a floral paisley design in pink and brown with a brown handle and locking button, and a black nylon leash.
Both styles feature solid and sturdy "silver" metal buckle clips. The leashes come in two different lengths - 9 feet, for small dogs, and 15 feet, for medium to large pups.

What I loved best about these leads was their sweet and smooth elegant design - not unlike Apple-type design. Instead of hard and pebbly cheap plastic, these are made from smooth and sweetly molded plastic that are SO much smoother to the touch and are a great deal lighter while still feeling sturdy.
It's an attention to detail that makes these leashes hands down my favorites for walks in the city, where you need short lengths, long lengths and everything in between depending on which block you're on.
Funny Fur is onto a winner with these leashes. Four paws up!
You can find out more about Funny Fur from their web site at

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