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Red Print Dog Pillow Bed

We've mentioned it before, but we'll say it again: pugs are the ultimate cush-lovers on the planet. If you put them on a bed, they'll climb onto a blanket atop it. Then they'll drag the blanket onto a pillow. Then they'll push another pillow on top of that with their wee flat faces until they have constructed a veritable tower of cushiness, the highest and most comfortable point on their personal planet.

So constructed, the pug then climbs and climbs with their stocky little unstable legs until the reach the top and belly flop themselves down onto the pile.

And that, folks, is exactly why the fabulous pillow beds from Madison Avenue Mutts are totally up the pug's alley. Because their fabulously overstuffed pillow dog beds are a gargantuan 7 inches deep.

That's heaven, in pug parlance.

This bed, dubbed Catalina Island Red (love it) and made exclusively by Madison Avenue Mutts, is a classic rectangular pillow with a simply gorgeous design. Its simplicity really allows it to shine, from its sophisticated red and white print made from a heavy (upholstery-weight) material to its simple rolled edging.

(Can I say how much I love the print? Totally makes me think of going out to the house in the Hamptons for the summer. You know, if I had a house in the Hamptons.)

The bed comes with a cotton/poly blend pillow protector, too. I'm not sure that it's waterproof, but it would be really useful if you have to unzip and wash the cover because your pup would still have a clean place to play without soiling the pillow itself.

All Madison Avenue Mutts beds come in a variety of sizes from 20" (these are only 5" deep to allow for little mutts!) to 39" - good enough for most pooches. Merry's laying on a Medium, I believe.

And quality? Fuggedaboutit. You know we're big mavens of quality products here, especially when it comes to beds (with a pug, it's impossible not to be). This bed pays off in spades. Little Merry gave her all and still wasn't able to find a single thing to complain about with this bed. They're gorgeously simple with a spectacular print, overstuffed and lovely.

The princess has informed me she'd like a house full of Madison Avenue Mutts beds. I told her to add it to the list. (It's a long list.) But for now, she'll be loving the one she's got! Four cush-loving paws up!

You can find out more about Madison Avenue Mutts from their web site at

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