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Product Reviews

Raised Dog Feeder Bowls

Last month, I reviewed a dog bed and matching feeder, designed by Unleashed Life and sold by Fun Dog Fred, an authorized reseller of Unleashed Life products. If you read the review, then you know I fell in love with the smart design, elegance and simplicity of Unleashed Life's designs.
(I'm a sucker for good design, particularly when it comes to well designed beds and bowls. These two types of products were a large part of the reason why I got into this business in the first place - because I wanted something nicer for my home than department stores and pet stores could, at the time, provide for me.)
If you enjoyed that review, hold on to your hats, because we're reviewing two more items from the duo of Unleashed Life and Fun Dog Fred: the Pagoda Elevated Dog feeder (size S) and the DeJardin Dog feeder (size S).

The Pagoda feeder, up first, is a classic and stylish black wooden sorry folks, that is, cast resin feeder (that looks and feels remarkably like wood!) with a slightly Eastern feel in terms of design, reminiscent of their namesakes over in Asia. The wood is incredible - I told you last month, and this product completely confirms it - these are the highest quality wood feeders I've ever seen.
The finish is fabulous, a slightly worn look at the edges that helps the feeder to look as though it's been in your house for ages, and will be for ages - a real piece of furniture. Incredibly smooth, the wood is very well sanded and finished.
A custom stainless steel bowl sits into an indent made specifically for that bowl. I'm sure you could get a replacement when the time comes from Fun Dog Fred, but these bowls are a little higher quality than you're used to seeing in the feeders you've seen in the past. Trust me.

The Dejardin Dog feeder brings to mind European gardens and ionic columns and lazy humid afternoons eating grapes. Well, that's what it brings to mind for me, at least. The cast resin feeder has a faux concrete finish (much easier to pick up than real concrete!) and has lion head carvings all around the bowl.
Seriously: can't afford a trip to Italy? Why not get the pooch a feeder instead. It's that authentic looking. I've actually purchased a number of museum-replica cast resin pieces in my day - European sculpture is gorgeous, sorry - and this feeder easily stacks up to those pieces in quality. It's so impressive looking, and to touch as well.
What I like even better about this feeder is that it is suitable for outdoor use so long as it's in a covered area protected from the worst of the elements. How cute would this look in a garden?
Again, this piece has a custom-made indent for the special stainless steel bowls that the designer uses. It's just another little touch, all adding up to an incredibly impressive package.
I am - gosh, pardon the pun - bowled away, again, by the quality and style of these dog bowls / dog feeders. Fun Dog Fred has definitely picked a winner with Unleashed Life - which means you should go buy soon. As in right now. Before they sell out. Because yum. You want this kind of quality in your home. Trust me.
Fun Dog Fred is a licensed reseller of Unleashed Life products. You can find out more or purchase from their web site at

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