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Product Reviews

Puppy Nursery Set

Let's face it, puppies are like our babies. Particularly when our puppies are very young. And like all babies, puppies love to be cuddled, swaddled in fabric, and to have nice soft dog toys they can put in their mouths to chew on.

That's why Merry and I think the Puppy Nursery set from Pawsitively Posh is inspired. It comes as a cute little kit: two toys, a soft fleecy blanket, and a lovely carrying case the works for when you and your puppy have to overnight somewhere. Because after all, your puppy deserves an overnight bag too!

The set is incredibly cute, decked out in soft, baby-like pastel colors. The blanket is more than large enough to wrap your puppy in (even if they're full grown ones like Merry) and comes with an adorable bone applique. It's suitable for lining a carrier, stretched over your couch to give the puppy their own place to lay while protecting your furniture, or just carrying them around when it's chilly outside. The blanket's incredibly soft to the touch and Merry just loves curling up in it.

The two toys are also adorable - a bone and a "rattle". The bone features a squeaker, and the rattle actually does rattle. These are also made from a soft fleecy material that are easy on young mouths but still fun for older mouths to play with.

Best of all - as I'm sure new puppy owners will appreciate - the entire set is machine washable. Worth its weight in gold, particularly to new dog owners.

This is a really great set to pick up for your new puppy, or even for a friend who recently brought a furry baby home. The idea is such a charming one, really, and Merry and I can't say enough good things about it.

Once again, Pawsitively Posh has impressed us. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Pawsitively Posh from their web site


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