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Product Reviews

Puppy Dog Toys

One of the best things about the explosion in pet products offerings over the last five years is the amount of choice now available to consumers, not to mention the availability of categories that were previously almost unheard of... for example, toys for small dogs or puppies. In days of yore (I'm actually going gray as I write this), puppies and teeny dogs had very little choice available to them for playtime, other than trying to wrap their tiny mouths around big-dog toys.

Fast-forward five years, and it's a whole new ball game. Toys for small pups abound, in so many sizes and styles that there is almost no limit to the number of toys you can stuff in your pooch's playbin.

One of the newest sets of toys for smaller pups is from the folks at FouFou Dog. They've put together a set of wee dog toys (each just 5" high) with an animal theme - a monkey, an adorably pink piggy, a froggy, and a ducky. Oh, yes, folks - they've made sure there's a "y" at the end of each. I promise I didn't name them myself!

Each design is really cleverly done. Small embroidered details, slight color changes from feet to leg, great color choices and soft squeezy fabrics make these simple but well designed toys for any pup.

Princess Merry, who loves to shake the living heck out of squeaky toys before throwing them on the ground and shoving her face into them roughly a hundred times a minute (think of a small, rapping, squeaky pug), just thought these toys were the cat's meow. (Cat not included.) She loved playing with them, shaking them around and chasing after them, and was constantly sneaking off to another room to play with one as I was writing this review.

Distracting, yes. But I struggled to remember it's a good thing that she's occupied and happy and playing.

FouFou Dog assures me that the toys are sturdy and up to a good round of play - and this has definitely been put to the test by Queen Shakey Pug. Well made, properly finished edges, etc. all apply here.

Plus, seriously, they're cute. Aren't they? We loved the heart on the chest of the froggy. And the pink piggy ended up being a snuggle toy for the Princess - we told her it was the closest match for her bed, color-wise. 'Cause, you know, pink.

The princess can't wait to see what animals FouFou Dog adds to the menagerie next. Zebras, anyone? Flamingos?

You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at

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