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Product Reviews

Puppy Clothing Set

Being the world's biggest fashion plate pug just isn't easy. You have so many events to attend, so many play parties to host, so many fans on the street that it takes a big wardrobe to keep up with it all.

The folks at Pawzy Pet decided to help the princess along with her quest to have the biggest wardrobe in the pet universe (to go with the reputation, of course) by sending along a huge selection from the spring and summer line - 8 outfits in all! The princess pug, as you can well imagine, was over the moon at the news!

The little fashionista received a pink Flora Belt Shirt (1st photo), a hot pink Plaid Polo Dog Shirt (2nd photo), a blue Hooded Stripe Shirt (3rd photo), a purple Lace Button shirt (4th photo), and a blue and brown Star Sparkle Shirt (5th photo). She also received a red Dotty Frill Shirt, a yellow Flower Print Ribbon Shirt and a red V-Neck Print Shirt (not shown).

Each shirt fit like a dream - we didn't have any sizing problems at all. Merry wore an XL in each outfit (unfortunately, that's the largest size they have available, but the sizes go down to the very teeny 2 lb. dogs, which is good news for Chihuahua owners!). Each shirt fit well around her body and fell perfectly just a 1/2 inch or so above her little curly tail.

The workmanship was for the most part very well done. Solid stitching, and the fabrics all had a nice weight to them which means they fall nicely on the body.

The huge variety of styles and colors available is one of their best features. Odds are, from the frilly to the simple urban look, you'll find a style that works for you - and most of their clothing comes in at least two colors. Particularly nice is the fact that there are more than enough styles that comes in non-pink; perfect for the little boy dogs on the block who want to look nice too!

Some of our favourites from this package:

The Flora Belt Shirt - this shirt was adorable with two little heart-shaped rhinestones and the dashing floral belt. It reminded me of "back to school" clothing from when I was young (in fact, I'm almost positive I wore something that looked like this when I was a kid). It's a little dressy, a little casual, but soft and flexible enough to still allow Merry room for play while wearing it.

The Hooded Stripe Shirt - mainly because I think the pug looks completely adorable in hoodies. The little back pocket is too cute! The darker color is nice for a change, too - Merry has many pink hoodies but it's nice to expand the color palette. It's all about options, as the princess reminds me.

The Star Sparkle Shirt - a very retro stamped look and in dark enough colors that we can play outside for hours without me worrying about every little dirt and mud spot. This shirt will get used heavily in the spring on play days!

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