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Custom Pet Bed

There are truly a stunning number of dog beds available for purchase these days (there are also a stunning number of dog beds for the princess pug to sleep on around her home and our offices, but that's another story).

The problem with all this choice: it's still prefabricated. Sometime, somewhere along the line a designer made the decision to go with this shape, this kkind of fill, this kind of fabric and trim, and so on. The choices may be diverse and wonderful - but haven't you ever found yourself asking why you couldn't buy a bed with the fabric from bed A, the shape of bed B, with the fill of bed C?

(Come on. We know it's not just us.)

When Pooche & Company sent along a sample bed for the princess to try, we were thrilled with the results: the bed they sent along was rectangular, with a plush down fill, a teal polka dot fabric and black trim. Workmanship was excellent. The fill was cushy, if a little under-filled for our liking, but the princess sunggled up in it all the same.

What was most impressive to us was the sheer custom nature of Pooche & Company's beds - with them, you can really choose the bed of your dreams. You can choose from two shapes, six sizes, two fills (poly or down), over two dozen fabrics, half a dozen trims and even one of five different aromatherapy inserts (we think the apples & oranges sounds delish). The fabric choices run the gamut of home textiles from simple florals to modern classics. The cottons (like the polka dot, shown) might be OK for "low use" pets, but if your pet is tough on their beds, this particular fabric won't be a good choice. Consider going with one of their denims, corduroys or other tough fabrics.

Bascially, you can build a custom dog bed for yourself from the ground up.

The princess was all over this concept, once we explained it to her. She's already decided she wants us to order her another bed, still with a down fill (oh, how the princess learned to love down fill), mustard chenille fabric, apples & oranges insert and black satin trim.

All beds are hand tailord in the USA and have a launderable external cover. Additionaly, the cover is treated with a stain resistant guard.

We loved the beds, but particularly loved the concept! Great idea from Pooche & Company.

You can find out more about Pooche and Company from their web site at

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