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Pink Slipper Dog Bed

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times - if you are looking for a unique, well-made, well-priced, smart, adorable dog bed with a real personality, there's just no better designer out there thatn Pawsitively Posh.

And just when you thought you'd heard it enough, we're back to tell you more: the crazy folks at Pawsitively Posh have designed yet another bed, this time a spinoff of their much-beloved Slipper Bed. It's called the Retro Slipper Bed, and if your pet loves nest beds, she's going to love this slipper.

(We are so loving the retro thing. The design is an absolute hoot and would look amazing in a pad designed with an homage to the early 70's, you know, when one-piece velvet jumpsuits were in style... oh, wait, are we there again? We're getting so old....)

The beds, like their predecessor, are shaped like a real lady's slipper, the kind you shove your foot into and pad around the house sipping tea in (or is that just us?). Unlike its predecessor, the beds have a deeper lip to hold your pet in all snuggly warm, and a higher "toe" to the slipper as well to allow for a bit more headroom.

Other improvements have been made to the design, as well: the entire "roof" of the slipper bed can be zippered off and washed, as can the rest of the bed. (Regular readers will remember that luxury designed beds that are completely machine-washable are the "holy grail" of this industry, so we're thrilled about that.)

The beds come a delicious pink and milk chocolate color combination (shown) or teal and milk chocolate, whichever suits your decor and pet's personality best. Each bed is covered in a cuddly velvety soft material (not quite velour; lower pile, but similar in texture). The same fabric covers the removable cushion, which means the princess had a great deal of fun snuggling in and did a great deal of grumping when we told her it was time to get out. :)

The beds are incredibly lightweight but hold their shape well even after washing. They've got a sleek look that manages to look cute without looking frilly.

What we loved best about this new design was the price: these new dog slipper beds were specifically designed to be gentler on tighter pocketbooks. Gotta love a deal.

As always, four paws up to the folks at Pawsitively Posh. Keep designing great things!

You can find out more about Pawsitively Posh from their web site at

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