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Kissy Face Pet Facial

Article Author: Dog Grooming Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

With all the companies out there making grooming products for pets, it's tough to weed through them all to find stuff that actually works. We've tried dozens of grooming products over the years and while they all smell great, only a few companies make products that we come back to time and time again... Furfection Naturals is one of them. We have come back to their products incredibly often because they just work and they smell great to boot.

So when we heard that they had a new product available, we couldn't wait to give it a try. The kind folks at Furfection popped a package in the mail straight away so Merry and I could try out their new Kissy Face Pet Facial.

The reality is that Merry didn't have any discoloring under her eyes for the first three or four years. Then, sometime in the last year or two, it's started to build up. I know, I know - it's just cosmetic, but it drives me crazy. I wasn't really willing to try any of the internal products (ones that have to be ingested to help the situation) since I'm so careful with her intake and also since she's on several drugs already for physical ailments.

But the Kissy Face Pet Facial was different; no ingestion needed. Just an in depth face scrub and a little face brush.

We were also relieved to see it wasn't a leave-on product (since Merry's eyes have been having problems lately, I don't like to leave anything on permanently near her eyes) but was something to wash with and then rinse off.

The cleanser (in a handy pump bottle) works using a natural antibacterial and exfoliant. According to the bottle, it cleans from the pores out, instead of just cleaning the stained surface beneath the eyes. The company recommends regular use to keep the stains under control.

So we gave it a try. The princess didn't seem to mind - in fact, she almost seemed to enjoy getting her face gently scrubbed with the wee brush that comes with the Pet Facial package. We gave her face a good little washing, lifting up more dirt and wee hairs than I thought possible (how does she manage to get her face so dirty all the time? it's not like I don't wash it - she gets a face wash at least once a day). When it was all done and over with, we could see a reduction in the eyestains. It wasn't complete - it didn't take it all off, but then we had at least a year or so of stains to contend with. What we did see, though, was enough difference to tell us that regular facials would probably decrease the stains significantly.

The princess just had eye surgery this month, so no more facials for several weeks, but I'm looking forward to being able to start them up again once she's been given the OK by the eye doc. Hoepfully by Christmas, we might be stain-free!

Once again, the folks at Furfection have impressed us with their simplicity. They don't go in for a lot of over-the-top products; simple products that smell good and work well is their forte, and we're really glad they're around. This Pet Facial is exactly what we've been looking for - and since it's from Furfection, we know it will be safe for the wee pug's face and eyes.

You can find out more about Furfection from their web site at

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