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Pink Nest Bed

Oh, how the princess loves beds.

For those of you who have met a pug, this fact likely doesn't come as a big surprise. They're like little loungers, always looking for the most comfortable places to nap or just wait for their humans to notice them. The princess herself is infamous for literally following me from room to room, walking directly to the bed in each room and flopping herself on it. Doesn't matter how it works, so long as the bed is comfy and is near me, wherever I happen to be.

Some people think she's spoiled. But clearly they're just not acquainted well enough with her needs. :)

At any rate, the world's laziest diva pug was thrilled when we got our package from Pawstigious Pups and it contained a snuggly new dog bed for her. The company kindly sent along a Baby Ribbon House in pink (the bed is also available in blue). The pug crawled in immediately and I needed a crowbar to remove her from it later (that's usually a sign the bed is very comfortable!).

The bed is well-filled; even the nest's removable pillow was cushy. The covering fabric is super-soft; I couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly. It was synthetic, kind of a cross between a brushed flannel and a low-pile faux fur. The underside of the bed is pink but made from a rubbery non-slip material that is also water resistant. The removable pillow in the center of the bed has cotton on its back side, which means you can flip the pillow to provide a cooler resting surface in the hot summer months.

The bumper sides are nice and low (raised slightly at the corners) which make it an ideal bed for puppies and teacups to climb in and out of. Each corner is adorned with a pink bow made from the same plush material; these are sewn on securely to make it tougher for little nibblers to get their puppy teeth around them.

The bed also came with a tiny head pillow to provide something to laze upon or snuggle up to. We thought that was a really cute touch!

Both the inner pillow and the outer nest can be washed - gentle cycle only, and lay flat to dry to preserve the mat of the fabric.

In the end, the deciding factor is snuggliness. As you can see from the photos, the princess thought the snuggliness factor was just fine, darling. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Pawstigious Pups from their web site at

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