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Product Reviews

Pink Mommy & Me Dog Tank Tops

You know, there was a day not so long ago that if you asked me if I wanted to dress like my pooch, I would have looked amused - you might have even squeezed a laugh at me.

Of course, in those days I knew nothing about pet fashion and I had a much, much nicer wardrobe than little miss Merry. Nowadays? Sheesh. She's got MUCH better threads than I do.

Essentially, the tables have been neatly turned on me. I now aspire to dress as well as my pooch. And matching outfits? Hello? If only some of my favorite pooch clothes came in grown-up sizes!

Luckily, designers like K9 Duds are listening to crazy people like me and create matching mommy & me sets (in this case, tank tops) so you, too, can be as hip as your dog.

This month, we're checking out the pink Retro Skull set (also sold separately for man OR beast).

Both dog and owner tank are 100% cotton. They're ribbed which means they're soft and cuddly and stretchy.

The back of the dog's tank (also the front of the owner tank) features a retro multicolored checkerboard sunburst design with a skull icon dead center - and it's dotted with white stars. The color scheme is fab - shades of pink and magenta and purple, with a skew towards warmer pinks and yellows in the center. The shirts themselves are more of a "cool" pink, with a fair bit of blue in the color.

Sizes for pooches fit from 4 pounds to 28 pounds. Sizes for ladies run from S to XL.

Fit and quality is, as always with K9 Duds products, absolutely top notch. Their workmanship really shows how much they love what they do.

I'm loving this tank set on walks - so adorably cute, and guaranteed to turn heads!

You can find out more about K9 Duds from their web site at

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