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Pink for Winter & Spring

Oh, yes, the diva likes pink.

You're shocked, you say? You've never heard of such a thing? You didn't know pugs could be divas? You had no idea the princess was addicted to pink? Silly, silly human. Of course pink is the color of choice. One really must have a signature color, mustn't one? How ever can you structure a wardrobe properly without such a rule?

Merry is always glad to see new pink clothes. And the two outfits sent along by Paw Palace Online fit the little pug to a "T".

The first item, the Boa Suede Coat, is a great late-winter/early-spring dog jacket. Made of an ultra soft faux suede, it's lined with matching shearling. It fastens under the belly with four dome snaps and features a faux belt at the back with two buttons for a bit of panache.

The fit was good, perhaps a little snug over the chest but otherwise was perfect. The workmanship was solid and frankly it was nice to try on a dog coat that didn't feature velcro for a change - while it's certainly easier to fit a variety of dogs that way, there's something more finished and solid about metal snaps, domes or buttons. Heck, even zippers.

The second item, the Designer One Piece Jogging Set, was - bar none - one of the cutest and most fun pieces of clothing we've ever tried out. It's cleverly cut and adorned with piping so that it actually looks like a two piece set jogging suit.

It's actually one piece, however - it goes over both the front paws and the back paws to provide a "jogging suit" look. Luckily, it's open under the belly at the rear to allow for regular walks, if you know what we mean. :)

Both of these puppy outfits are adorable, we have to say, but Merry and I were most fond of the jogging set. It's brilliantly designed, fits like a dream, is pink (natch), has a hood (and you know how much we love those) and just has all the touches that make the illusion perfect. We wish it came in dozens of colors - we'd own them all!

Merry and I loved both new pink outfits, and have duly added them to our spring wardrobe. Now, if Mother Nature would just cooperate and send some spring weather our way, we could show these outfits off to their full potential!

You can find out more about Paw Palace Online from their web site

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