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Product Reviews

Pink Faux Fur Dog Bed

Do you know any Divas? Well, I happen to live with one, and I can tell you right now that there are several things that are an absolute given. One is pink. The other is faux fur. Oh, yes.

Therefore, you couldn't find a better match for the little princess than Room Candy's newest line of faux fur dog beds. They come in a rainbow of colors from shagadelic orange to adorable pastels like pink, blue and lavender. Just the thing for any retro-loving diva pup.

As with all Room Candy dog beds, the workmanship is excellent. These aren't your typical thin pillow-style beds seen in pet stores; Room Candy beds are thick, overstuffed with a very cushy fill. The pillow inside is machine-washable and dryable (we've washed ours several times and it always puffs right back up in the dryer), although I usually recommend drying them with the "no heat" setting.

The faux fur cover is removable and machine-washable, but you must make sure to line dry only. Any heat at all (even the heat generated by a dryer on "no heat" settings) will melt the ends of the faux fur. But air drying works very well, and quickly puffing the fur by hand afterward gets it right back into shape.

Merry took to this bed as though it were made specifically for her. It was as though she not only knew that pink + faux fur = Merry's ideal lounging spot, but she even managed to throw me a look that said quite clearly: "It's about time, silly human mother. Don't you know all princesses must have a bed like this?" As I write this review, she's lounging beside me on the bed, happily ensconced in pink silky luxury. You can almost see her grinning. Silly pug.

As always, we have nothing but the best to say about Room Candy beds. Did we mention that you can buy the covers separately, if you wish, to have several different styles with just the one bed? I just know Merry's eyeing the orange faux fur cover as well.

If you're looking for a quality pillow bed at a reasonable price, these are the beds to try.

You can find out more about Room Candy from their web site


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