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Pink Dreamhouse Dog Bed

Every little girl dreams of a little house. Somewhere to play, somewhere to rest, somewhere that is just her very own little space away from the world. Someplace that's pink and soft and just like her. A place of her own.

Every little pooch dreams of a little den, for much the same reasons. It's been well documented that our little furkids feel more comfortable, more at home in a denlike environment.

(Plus, they look wicked cute in pink.)

This is one of the most amusing, brilliant, beautiful beds we've ever reviewed. The Pink Dreamhouse puppy bed is literally a bed, den and playhouse all in one.

The visual look of the playhouse is fun, playful and adorably sweet. Covered entirely in furry pink, it features a roof with different shades of pink "shingles". Both sides have a "window" that features see-through mesh and sewn-on shutters in hot pink with hot pink satin edging. The front door is covered by pink shears, complete with satin ribbon tie-backs on each side. Small flowers are embroidered on the front of the house to simulate a garden.

In essence, it's a near-perfect plush replica of a playhouse for your pet. And with its pink frothy design, you can bet that everyone who visits your house will know just who that tiny home belongs to!

The design isn't just about pretty, though - it's got its creature comforts, too (if you'll pardon the pun). The interior pillow is covered in a deliciously soft hot pink velour. It's removable and machine washable. The floor of the house is a simple black fabric that is covered with tiny no-slip dots so the bed doesn't go flying across the floor if Fifi moves around a lot in the bed.

But one of the things we loved best about the bed was its incredible lightness (it weighs only three pounds) and portability.

The key to this bed's portability is its foam-padded, collapsible design. The bed comes shipped flat in a handy clear carrying case (perfect for trips to Grandma's house). But it only takes a moment or two to assemble; it's like setting up a packing box from its flattened state, and then five more seconds to zip the "roof" over the house. Tuck the pillow inside, and you're done!

Merry, our resident pug princess, fell in love with this bed from the moment it was assembled. We tucked a sleep toy in there for her and she was only too happy to spend hours in her tiny hideaway! (Don't be surprised though if you get the sensation that you've "misplaced" your furkid; Merry slept so quietly and happily in her Dreamhouse that we couldn't find her when we went looking for her!)

And that's the nice thing about this bed. Because of its shape, it's actually quite a generous size inside, even though it's made for tiny pups. You could easily keep an additional blanket, a few toys, or a tiny pillow for their wee heads inside.

We've reviewed den dog beds in the past. This is easily one of the most enclosed spaces we've seen, but it still lets Fifi look out due to the mesh windows, so they don't feel completely shut off from everyone else in the room.

Plus, let's face it - this bed would look so incredibly cute in a bedroom it just hurts, doesn't it?

Great design, super workmanship, and the dream of every little princess and princess-wannabe; it's a bed we can't say enough good things about. Which is just as well, because our very own princess is asleep in her Dreamhouse right now, and she'd like some peace and quiet, if that's quite all right with all of you. :)

You can find out more about GW Little from their web site at

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