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Pink and Black Small Dog Clothes

Pink and black are easily one of the most classic combinations of colors fashion has ever produced. It's serious AND fun, playful AND elegant all at the same time. It's luscious and the Merry, dog fashion diva supreme, loves pink and black to the tips of her tiny pug paws.
We'd expect no less than brilliance from the pink and black confections sent along this month from Wooflink, easily one of Merry's (and mine, I'll admit it) favorite dog clothes designers. And brilliance we've got... in spades.
First up, we're taking a look at Young Star, a mid-weight all-in-one (jumpsuit or pantsuit) for dogs. This is one seriously cute pantsuit, folks, even for people like me who LOVE pantsuits (those little back legs in pants? Slays me. Every time).

Young Star features a black bodice and a black and pink striped hood with pink edging. The waist features a black and silver striped flounce or skirt and black pants with pink edging.
But the details is, as with all Wooflink designs, where this outfit really shines. The hood is edged with black lace. A braided belt in pink and black encircles the waist area - twice. A white eyelet flounce peeks out from underneath the black & silver striped flounce. White eyelet is echoed in the base of the legs as extra edging.
The piece de resistance, however, is the pants. They're black... sequins! Completely covered in shimmering black sequins, these pants grabbed the attention of every person who sees Merry walk by in them. Because they're fabulous! A little over the top! What more could you want for your diva dog?
It's a good midrange weight, suitable for spring, summer or fall. Fabulous casual evening wear. And will Merry ever be strutting it out in the fall.

The second piece was the lightweight dress called Dolly.
Predominantly pink with black accents, this dress features a bevy of romantic ruffles at the neck in constrasting pink and white eyelet fabric. The waist features a big black bow and then a slightly darker pink skirt with black polka dots.
Black polka dots with pink totally rocks. Don't care if it's something you see every year. You see it every year because it's classic. And I firmly believe every girl pooch should have something pink and black and polka dotted in their wardrobe.
The hint of black lace at the bottom of the skirt just tops off a stellar little puppy dress with a magic touch.
Fit and workmanship are always the cream of the crop with Wooflink items. You never have to worry about their quality and that has made them incredibly precious to us - long lasting and gorgeously designed clothing that has a unique sense of style that we just love.
Black and pink is IN for the fall. Pass it on!
You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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