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Pillow Dog Bed

I know some of you are new to the concept of a diva pug. Allow me to explain the mantra under which all diva pugs live:

You can never be too full, too spoiled or have too many beds to lounge on.

Oh, yes, the princess loves her dog beds. She's tried dozens over the years. In her dream of dreams, she visualizes a mansion where the entire west wing is covered in dog beds, a veritable meadow of posh loungy goodness. (And every room features a person to play fetch with, and to give her home-baked treats and bottled water. Actually, that's not far from reality already!)

The point is, the princess was dancing on her tippy paws when the package from Monty Dog arrived with the Fluffy Dog Bed inside.

I have to admit, it's a very impressive bed. Covered in two complementary washable brocades, the bed exudes fun but a classy fun. The top fabric is a pretty red stripe that features embroidered dogs dressed as jesters. This fabric is paired with a fun multicolor polka dot along the gusset. The colors are bright enough to be fun and interesting but muted enough to be classy and fit with most decors.

The company swears the lovely brocades are machine washable, and I can back this 100%. Merry accidentally got sick on this bed a few weeks ago, and a quick run through a washer and dryer and it was as good as new. It's always such a relief to find fabrics that wash up so quickly and easily but look this great.

The bed is also - interestingly - guaranteed against flattening. Yes, if the pooch lays about for long enough, the pillow will squish down, but a quick shake and it's full and cushy again. Again, I've already done this a few times with Merry's bed, so I can testify to this fact personally. The bed lives up to its guarantees.

It comes in three sizes - Small (24 x 18), Medium (36 x 24 - this is the one you see Merry on) and Large (48 x 36).

I've got to say this bed gets four big paws up from Merry and I! We were very, very impressed by its design and its durability. I can't think of a better choice for the pup who's hard on their bed.

You can find out more about Monty Dog from their web site


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