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Dog Grooming Products & Treats

Article Author: Dog Grooming and Treats Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Scents surround us. Somebody really smart said once that scent is more powerful than any of our other senses. Scents can bring back powerful memories, trigger moods or cravings, basically do all kinds of magical things.

In the dog-eat-dog world of dog products, there's only one major problem with smell: sometimes you want to smell good. Sometimes you want to eat what you smell.

It sounds little but YOU try concentrating when you smell like chocolate. Or when the chocolate you're eating smells so good that you want to rub it on your neck so others can be attracted to you the way you were to that brownie... er, or is that just me?

Regardless, the kind folks over at Olive solved my dilemma by sending along a care package for the puglet to try that encompassed both ideas: smelling good, and eating good smelling things.

Allow me to explain.

Half of the package contained their yummy, 100% natural and organic treats. The other half was made up of their Herbal Dog Shampoo, special between-baths Fur Spritzer, and deliciously named "Soap Lump" - which is ostensibly a flea repellant, but oh my does it stink lovely.

Before I get into the talking about the products themselves, let me take a minute and go all design-girl-geek-ooh-ahh over the packaging. I'm a huge sucker for fabulous design and baby, this is definitely some fabulous design. I love the strong colors, the lines, the humor in the packaging copy and design, and the way they've packed so much information into such tight design. Yes, I do judge books by their covers sometimes - even buy them just for the covers once in a while. And if the packaging on this stuff was anything to go by, these were going to be real treats indeed.

Merry convinced me to try out "the good stuff" - in pug-ese, that's the food - first. Two delicious flavors of treats were included in the package - My Oh My Pizza Pie (parmesan cheese pizza cookie treats) and Nutty 'Nanners (peanut butter & banana cookie treats). Merry's definitely a garlic girl, so we tried the Pizza treats first.

What you notice straight away is the shape. NO BONES! Oh, I can't begin to tell you what a relief it was to get something non-bone shaped. Don't get me wrong - I love the bone - but the shape is getting a little ubiquitous, and it's nice for a change to see a simple circle (pizza flavor) or square (pb & banana flavor) shape. These biscuits are big though - easily the size of 6 or more small-dog treats - so be sure to break them up before giving them out, and be mindful of calories if you're feeding a small pooch (unlike greedy Merry at right, seen chomping her way not through the nice pieces I'd broken up for her but an entire enchilada sized cookie!).

Verdict from the pug: four paws up. Verdict from me: I loved that they're organic, baked in small batches, and free from corn, soy, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives.

Next, on to the grooming stuff! We had a great time lathering up the pug with the yummy scented Bubble + Squeak Herbal Dog Shampoo. It's eco-friendly and is made with organic peppermint, lavender, rosemary and hemp oil. The company even gives reasons right on the bottle for these ingredients: peppermint and rosemary to "deodorize", lavender to act as an anti-inflammatory, hemp oil for a smooth and shiny coat and calendula for soothing and healing. It lathers up just great - a little goes a long way when you have this much fur to smoosh with - and the princess came out of her bath looking much less disgruntled and also smelling shiny and sweet.

The Soap Lump (best. product name. ever) is meant to help with flea repelling - it contains citronella and also cedarwood for sensitive skin. Mostly we liked it because bars of soap just feel more contact-y - giving us a chance to really rub down the pug and get her shimmying and shaking in the bath. Lathered up great, washed away great as well - and is 100% biodegradeable. But I couldn't get over the idea that this would be a better soap for spring/summer/fall - when fleas are more rampant and also citronella just makes more sense to my nose in the summertime - don't you agree?

Finally, the Fur Spritzer combined essential oils of lavender, lemon and patchouli to make a great between-baths spritz or even light mist for that less-than-pristine doggy blanket (not recommended for directly on the couch though!). First: mmmm, patchouli. Second, it's a great little bottle - I hate when they're large and unwieldy. Third, it smells yummy (mmmm patchouli) and makes my dog smell more yummy: what's not to love! I also love that they remind you to keep it out of the dog's eyes - covering your pooch's eyes is a very good idea, and I love that this environmentally and doggie-friendly business watches your back.

We can't say enough about the well-designed, lovely to use, enviro-friendly stuff from Olive. Check 'em out!

You can find out more about Olive from their web site at

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