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Product Reviews

Pet Bed and Blanket

Let's face it: our puppies, for better or worse, are our babies. We love spoiling them, and we love to make sure they're surrounded by soft cushy comfort when thy're taking a nap. Part of it is how darned cute they look when they're sleeping. Part of it is that we just seem to rest easier when we know those crazy furkids are comfortable and happy.

This was certainly the thinking behind the delightful package we received for this month's Review a Snuggle pet bed and a Pet Comfy throw blanket from Tots and Tails Design. From the word go, these products were are all about comfort and careful, handmade design.

The Snuggle pet bed is a deliciously soft cuddly bed - in fact, we wished we had one for ourselves after feeling it. It's finished with a buttery microsuede on the sides and bottom, but the top is the real pièce de resistance. It's covered with a plush minky poly-chenille that is so incredibly soft to the touch you can't help petting it over and over (much like your furkid). Merry tried one touch of the bed, snuggled up inside it, and didn't want to leave for all the carob in our local doggie bakery.

The colors were delicious, nearly edible combinations of Chocolate Brown, Ebony Black, White Marshmallow, a Mint Green (shown), pale pastel pink, yellow or blue. Our review copy was good dark chocolate brown with mint green topping.

The bed is filled with a high quality poly fill which should keep its loft well. But it's not an overly stuffed bed, making it suitable as a lap pillow or a great car bed.

The personalized Pet Comfy throw blanket was a wonderful choice to create this set. Backed and edged with the same quality microsuede as the bed, it's also topped with the same incredibly soft minky chenille, making it wonderful to curl up in, as a drape over an existing bed, or (our favorite choice) as a couch throw to protect the couch from thousands of stray doggy hairs. The personalized letter "M" was hand swen in a constrasting chenille - in this case, mint green. These blankets are totally customizable - they've got many color options for the chenille and the microsuede, so you can come up with a design that matches your decor and/or your pet's personality.

The biggest selling point for us? The wonderfully soft chenille toppings. For that reason alone, your pet will love this bed. We do hope that Tots and Tails will also come up with a superstuffed version of their beds or a nest style, something a little cushier for the truly spoiled furkids among us.

Merry gave these products four paws up (and she is constantly stealing the blanket, which should tell you!).

You can find out more about Tots and Tails Designs from their web site at

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