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Pet Halloween Costumes

Can you believe Halloween is around the corner, already? Where did the year go?

The princess is helping with the Halloween planning this year - she will, in true diva mode, be fully costumed and helping to greet kiddies and hand out candy. I think this is just as much fun for the kids as for the pug, frankly. Our biggest decision will be what to wear - since the fabulous folks at The Haute Hound sent along not one but two new Halloween pet costumes for the princess to review!

First up, a four-legged devil costume that is seriously adorable. It's made from a very lighweight material, a brushed poly/cotton blend that is machine washable (line dry). It features a cute little hood with two tiny black devil horns in a matte cotton - and we loved that it could be tied on with a black tie at the neck, to keep it from slipping. The back is adorned with two black devil's wings (also in matte cotton) that are padded slightly to help them stick out. It ends about mid-belly underneath, so it's suitable for boys or girls, and has a cute tiny black devil's tail at the back (minus the usual "arrow" shape) that Merry's little pug tail loved to curl around.

We loved the four-legged design - helps to "complete the look" - and the fit was great. The costume fastens under the belly with a long velcro strip on each side that runs down the middle. The princess looked suitably "devilish" in it - it was nearly impossible to get her to smile for the camera, she kept wanting to glare in true devilish style. The costume feels very light and not hugely luxurious, but it's still far better made and more substantial than many adult and child costumes I see hanging in the local stores this time of year!

The second costume was dead-on cute - a shark costume that's essentially built like a hooded sweatshirt, with a very large, very toothy "hood".

Made from a warmer, soft terrycloth fabric and lined with polyester, this little Halloween costume would be perfect if you walk your dog on Halloween in cooler weather. The hoodie ia again cut high over the midsection underneath for boys OR girls to wear. The "eyes", "teeth" and "gills" of the shark are made of felt and are sewn, not glued, on for stability.

The back features two padded side fins made from the same terrycloth and a single padded back fin to complete the "shark" look. (Can't you hear the theme music from Jaws playing when you look at the princess? Come on - look at that menacing glare!)

We loved the fit of this costume as well as its incredible softness - it's wonderfully soft to the touch. The hood is really designed cleverly, so it will hang over the head and look like a shark without blocking the vision of the pooch too much, so they can still move around.

The feature we liked best, bar none, however, was one both costumes had in common: a finished hole at the top of the shirt between the shoulder blades so a harness or collar can be worn underneath. Nothing spoils the look of a Halloween costume more than having to cover it up with something just to go for a walk. (Kind of like the coats Mom used to make us wear over our costumes to go trick-or-treating... remember?) It's a smart idea and I hope we'll see it in every Halloween costume from now on!

Are you scared yet? You should be - what a terrifying vision this pug makes, in either of her two costumes! We had a hoot trying these out and getting the princess to look so fierce for photos - it makes for such a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

We loved these ideas from The Haute Hound and will be figuring out which to dress the pug in for her big night of candy-giving!

You can find out more about The Haute Hound from their web site at

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