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Doggie Stationery Set

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

When you're famous, adored, pampered, in the very thick of the who's-who of the canine world, then networking is everything, dahling. You must, simply must, keep up with your peeps. And pooches.

Which is why the new stationery line from The Pet Set is just so very now, so very needed in this dog-eat-dog world. As they told us when we received the package: the idea of a pet, surrounded by luxury yet bereft of any personalized stationery with which to communicate to the world... well, it's simply uncivilized.

Far be it for Merry to stray from the pack. One must keep up with the Joneses, after all.

The stationery sampler pack sent in to us by The Pet Set contained a variety of different occasion-themed cards: Holiday (Be Jewelled... and sparkle this holiday season!), Graduation (Darling, you are now a well heeled grad! Congratulations on such a stylish finish!), Wedding (an invitation to pooch nuptials, including time and place fill-ins), Birthday (It's your birthday! Best Dishes!), Summer Holidays and a Thinking of You card.

Each card is covered inside and out with adorably luxe illustrations that really set the tone not only of each individual card but also the entire package. With one of these sets, there will be no mistaking your pet's sense of luxury, fashion and just good taste.

More importantly, the card stock is just lovely, very thick and matte. Rich and creamy paper sets the tone for some quality correspondence.

The Pet Set was also kind enough to let me know that they have another line of stationery as well, that allows for customizing with your pet's name and breed. Merry and I may just have to pick up a set for her this Christmas.

This was a really cute idea, well executed, with good quality packaging, illustrations, and penmanship. We can't wait to see what The Pet Set comes up with next.

You can find out more about The Pet Set from their web site

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