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Peace Izzy Galore Leather Dog Collar

Ah, delicious and psychedlic 60's, time of peace and love and happiness... well, and protest and ugly war and racial divides, but who's counting? Sure, the 60's have become idealized but let's face it: some of their messages, peace chief among them, are still valid today. Which is why you still see the peace sign everywhere.
The only thing better than peace? Combining peace with love - and when we're talking dog collars, love means quality materials, great workmanship and style that speaks for itself.
When it comes to the Izzy Galore by Chi WOW WOW Peace collar from Funny Fur (say THAT three times fast), we're talking about all three, baby.
The Peace collar is 1/2 inch wide and made of real, supple, distressed white leather.
(I know that vegan leathers - we used to call that PVC back in my days of selling shoes, but rebranding is the name of the game when it comes to synthetics nowadays - are supposed to be the way to go. We do have the ability to produce these things synthetically and after all, isn't it eco-awful, not-loving-your-fellow-animal to buy and wear leather? That may be. But good leather is like buttah. And politically incorrect as that may be these days, you just can't duplicate the same texture, the same feel, the same quality of real leather. And this collar has buttah all over it.)

It's also backed with the softest aqua faux suede (so you're not, like, totally politically evil) you'll ever touch fingertip to.
Double-stitched top and bottom with turquoise contrast stitching, the Peace collar is a study in quiet elegance. It's got a real buckle (getting rarer in today's slicked up "easy off" collar marketplace) and a real d-ring, both nickel plated. It also features three nickel-plated peace sign charms in pale turquoise and chocolate brown.
In a word, gorgeous. Really.
The well made classics don't need a lot of foo. They can get by with simple ingredients, sleek style, and a whole lot of class. That's what this collar is. Class.
If I had one thing to change about the collar, it would be the placement of the charms. Out of the five available holes in the collar, only buckling the pet collar at the second hole actually centers the peace signs across the front of the neck - otherwise, as in Merry's case, they're offset by an inch or two. I'm not sure of the solution here - slideable or movable charms? Fewer holes? A slightly different design? - but I wish the charms weren't an inch and a half off center on the pugling. :)
Still, it won't be getting hate from us. We're peace lovers, and will wear it anyway. It's far too gorgeous and stylish and soft not to.
Funny Fur has a fantastic collar here. They're an authorized reseller of Izzy Galore and other Chi WOW WOW designs. The quality is stunning - well worth the price.
You can find out more about Funny Fur from their web site at

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