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Product Reviews

Paw Drying Mat

Being a hardcore dog-owning city girl, I know mostly other hardcore dog-owning city girls (oh, I know a few 'burbians... but they don't have dogs. Weird, right?) and that means very few backyards. Which means we're not letting the pooch into the back yard to do her business, but we're leashing up three times a day (well, with Merry anyway) to spread the puppy love all over lawns and parks throughout our neighbourhoods.

And what that means is we're not having to deal with unsanctioned wet paws coming into the house all hours of the day.

(I'm grateful. Wouldn't have it any other way.)

However, if you're one of those folks whose floors are always getting mucked up by a constant stream of wet paws into the house (or just really don't want to have to wipe wet paws regardless of how many "outs" your pooch has), we may have the product just for you: Mugoh Mats, by Eecopet.

This mat helps your pooch to "dry" their own feet. They're specially designed to be highly absorbent. In fact, the company says they're 5 times more absorbent than common floor mats. They also claim it only takes 3 paw steps or 3 seconds on the mat to dry your pet's feet.

These dog mats get their effectiveness from soft, absorbent, two play paper - almost like paper towel - that's ruffled and sewn to a burlap (jute) backing. This makes them relatively slip-resistant but also 100% biodegradable and disposable, so that you can dispose of them in your city's recycling bins (check your locality to see if burlap's ok to recycle).

The mats, in fact, are made for disposing; they suggest that under normal use with a single dog, the mat will last several weeks. Particularly if you live in a muddy 'hood, that's one heck of a lot of cleaning you just saved yourself.

The company warns that the mats need to be used under cover (they can't be left outside unless on a covered porch) since the mat won't stand up to the elements, and that you should avoid people stepping on them, since it will degrade the usefulness of the mat.

We gave these claims a bit of a run. We got Merry's little paws good and wet (heavy morning dew) and after just spending a few seconds standing on the mat before moving into the house, her paws were only damp and cool; they were as dry as if we'd run over them with a towel.

If we had one problem with the mat, it would be in its disposability - we loved the idea, the execution was lovely to look at, but we do wish that the product had been biodegradable but reusable... since reuse is even better for the environment than recycling. Maybe a version of the mat with ruffled fabric that would be safe to toss in the washer/dryer?

But if you're looking for a way to reduce wet pawprints, this definitely fits the bill... making everyone's rainy seasons a little easier.

You can find out more about Eecopet from their web site at

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