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Patent Leather Dog Collar

Nothing says Diva Girl (and Merry is nothing if not a diva) like Hot Pink anything. Barbie may have started the trend, but Merry is more than up to the challenge of carrying on the tradition.

Hugo Designer Dogwear makes collars and leads. Really lovely collars and leads, in fact, and their newest line (the Material Dog collection - you gotta love it) is stunning. Shiny patent as well as matte leathers available, backed by the softest grey suede Merry and I had ever touched.

What makes the Material Dog collection super-special are the silvery ornaments that circle the collar - all dollar signs, for the true shopaholic (which believe me, Merry is in spades). They also come with a smart-looking buckle and a Hugo dog tag (engraveable). And of course, Merry received the hot pink version of the collar, although it also comes in a stylish black and hip lime green, among other colors. With a matching hot pink "poo bag carrier", no less (not shown).

For all the cool color and ornamentation, I've got to admit that the thing I loved best about the collar was its incredible softness. Merry has very sensitive puggy skin, and thick collars can sometimes rub away some fur even though she only wears collars when out for walks. But with the buttery soft suede, I didn't have to worry about her tender skin.

In fact, I'm tempted to pick up a matching lead so she can be a truly stylish little diva shopaholic pug. Say that five times fast, I dare you.

These collars and leads are lovely, and Hugo has several different collections to choose from (and several colors within each collection as well). They're very reasonably priced, which means you could easily pick up a few sets in different colours to match all the moods and styles of your little diva or duke.

What would be truly terrific (hint, hint) would be if Hugo decided to branch out and make harnesses as well. Collars do well for Merry, but there are days when she's just a tuggy little pug, and a harness is more practical for long, exciting, Saturday afternoon walks. A harness made out of that same soft leather would be a dream come true.

Merry and I give four paws up for this collar!

You can find out more about Hugo Designer Dogwear from their web site at

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