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Product Reviews

Pastel Ribbon Dog Sweater

We were lucky enough to review a sweater by Oliver's Duds last year (read the review here), and we said at that time that we were very impressed by the quality of the sweaters. These are most definitely not your typical off-the-rack dog sweaters. In fact, they're consistently so well-made that I wouldn't mind one or two for myself one day. :)

Merry and I were very pleased, then, to receive another of their lovely sweaters for review.

This style is a little different from the last; from a lighter knit collar and chest piece, this sweater blooms into a riot of pastel ribbon loops. Blue, pink, lavender, yellow, peach - every color in the pastel rainbow. Small buttons help to attach the sweater beneath the arms, though we found the arm holes large enough that using the buttons wasn't strictly necessary. Depending on the size of your dog, it may be possible to simply keep them as adornment.

One of the great things about this type of sweater is that it's ideal for chilly winter days when you don't feel like dressing your pup in a full coat. Because the ribbons add so much density and weight to the sweater, it's much warmer than a simple knit. If you're like Merry and I and live in a climate that's subject to very cold and snowy winters, that's good news indeed.

If I had one thing to suggest to improve on the dog sweater's design, it would be that the sweater lacks one of Oliver's Duds' calling cards: a belt to fasten around the waist. Given the weight of the sweater, some kind of underbelly or waist-level fastening would help to keep the sweater closer around the dog's mid and lower back.

Oliver's Duds makes a stunning array of sweaters to fit most body shapes (from slender to thin), though their products are usually only sized for smaller dogs. If you're looking for a well made sweater that will last your pampered pet a long time, these are a great choice.

You can find out more about Oliver's Duds from their web site

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