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Product Reviews

Organic Gourmet Dog Treats

You know, when I first brought the princess home and set her tiny beige paws on the floor, I had no idea what canine nutrition was or how to get it. (For that matter, I didn't know much about human nutrition in those days, either.) But I learned. Without naming names, I will say that the faster I learned, the quicker I left behind the big name brands I had seen commercials for half my life and started reading, really reading, nutrition labels.

Fast forward six years, and the pug is in a whole new place, and so am I. She eats very high quality kibble - no, I don't hand cook her meals every day, and I hear the gasps, but I'm a busy lady - that has a focus on good quality ingredients - meat without byproducts, a minimum of grains, vegetables and fruits (especially the "power foods") and probiotics and nutrients that give her a healthy body and lifestyle. Other things I look for, too, are the things I'd prefer are missing from her diet - hormones and antibiotics, corn, chemical preservatives. You could say I've become a big label reader, but hey - particularly with doing these reviews, it's important that I know what's going into her little body before I feed it to her. It's up to me to keep her safe and healthy.

We received a package of treats from Nature Nosh recently and it was a super experience that has given us a new standard for Merry's favorite dog treats.

The packaging was very handy - a large plastic see through container with screw-on lid ensures that you're keeping the treats airtight but can also see when you need to pick up a refill. One feature we particularly appreciated was the specially sealed styrofoam (environmental concerns aside) lip over the container - you know when you first open the container that it's never been opened before, and that's a nice touch that not every company provides.

Inside, the treats look like pretty generic bone-shaped hard biscuits - the same ones you see over and over again. But what was different was the smell.

We usually find treats smell one of three ways on opening the package: a) the smell is a little - doggy - for want of a better word (something your dog might like, but based on the smell you'd never take the plunge, b) there's barely any smell at all other than "dry biscuit" (kind of floury) smell or c) a faint smell of one ingredient - usually a vegetable or fake bacon smell. But when we opened the Chicken Parmesan treats, I got a whiff of just this:

Chicken. Parmesan. And strong.

We've tried dozens of different parmesan treats but none that smelled this yummy. I was almost tempted to try myself. The Beef Wellington smelled just as great.

One of the most impressive things with the Nature Nosh dog treats is that they're the first certified organic meat based dog treat. The treats are USDA certified meaning every single ingredient is organic. In addition, these treats contain no by-products, no hormones, antibiotics or hormones (kind of goes with the Organic certification), but also no wheat, no eggs, no corn (one of my BIG beefs with pet food) and no soy. Best of all: no chemical preservatives, just mixed tocopherols.

What they DO contain is organic beef or chicken liver, organic oat flour, organic barley flour, organic blackstrap molasses, organic carrots and garlic, organic parmesan cheese (in the Chicken Parm) and organic spices... even organic vegetable oils.

What's more, these dog treats, according to little miss fuss-a-lot, the pug who would eat a grocery store but only if it contained the best treats EVER - you should seriously see her throw up her nose at the "generic" dog treats that most pet stores and vets give out - loved these treats. It's more than safe to say that this was her favorite shoot this month - because by the time I got a few shots of her chowing down the treats, she'd scarfed more than half of the plate.


Without a doubt, we were impressed and pleased with the treats from Nature Nosh. We'll be buying them again - maybe you should consider trying them, as well.

You can find out more about Nature Nosh from their web site at

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