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Product Reviews

Organic Dog Treats

Quite a while ago, the princess pug reviewed a dog treat called Vegg-Chibbles, and she's been in love with the treats ever since. Sadly, the company discontinued that treat.

However, as you know, no one puts the pug out for long - before we knew it, we had a HUGE package of treats on our doorstep from the makers of the original Vegg-Chibbles. And these treats, the company promised, would be even more like pug-nip to the little tyke than the previous incarnation of treats.

Never let it be said that the pug turns down a challenge!

(Or a treat, for that matter - those of you with pugs, know what we mean!)

These treats, called Toy Temptations, are just the size we like. In other words, these aren't big-boy treats that have been sold to small dog owners. They're teeny tiny bones that are actually appropriate for tiny tummies and ladylike waistlines. They've caught our attention right away.

Next, we inspect the ingredients. The treats are made in USA, and DogChewz is a member of the Organic Trade Association - these treats are made with mostly organic dog treats ingredients. Several flavors are even wheat-free and corn-free. We're big fans of companies who put the health of our wee ones first, even before the yumminess. Yummy is important - don't get us wrong - but making sure our dogs are around for a long, long time to come is even more important to us. The ingredient list on every single package was human-readable, under three syllables, and contained nothing we wouldn't put in our own bodies.

The flavors are, quite simply, amazing. Flavours we've never seen in bones before, in fact! Flavors we tried: Apple and Cheddar, Chicken and Parmesan, Organic Pizza Mutt, Veggie, and the most exotic of all... Organic Carobits (pictured, right).

Each package contains 4 ounces and has a shelf life of 8 months - though it's preferred you get through the treats in four. Odds are, though, they won't be around nearly that long once your Fifi gets her paws on them.

Merry was the noisiest pug ever during this shoot - trying to sniff through the packages, she was even worse once we laid out some Organic Carobits bones in front of her. Finally, though, we allowed her to go nuts - and nuts she went. If we hadn't snatched away the plate quickly enough, she would have plowed through every yummy bone on the plate!

We tried each flavour with her, and she loved them all - her favorites were the Carobits, the Veggie (natch - the little thing just loves Cauliflower, go figure) and the Organic Pizza Mutt. The bones were tiny and chewy enough for her to really enjoy them, unlike so many other larger doggy treats on the market.

DogChewz, you've made a believer out of a princess pug! She'll be a faithful fan of Toy Temptations for years to come. We just can't recommend these treats highly enough.

You can find out more about DogChewz NYC from their web site at

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