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Official Marilyn Monroe Dog Dresses

When it came to panache, when it came to pure looks and sex appeal, few women had as much going for them as Marilyn Monroe. Even now, more than 40 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognized icons in North America. (Except for Merry. Going to be more famous. One day. You watch.)

And now your princess can get a little bit of her very own Marilyn glam with a series of dog dresses - evening gowns, actually - designed by The Pink Hotdog, and modeled after dresses the famous blonde herself wore both in public and in film. Yes, that's right folks - officially licensed Marilyn Monroe clothing for pets. Read our feature article from February to learn more about the history of the collection.

What's more, the crazy, generous folks at The Pink Hotdog sent along not one, not two, but the entire six-dress collection to be modeled and reviewed by our own famous princess pug, Merry.

The collection is just too large and detailed to review in one sitting, so we reviewed two gowns a month for over three months. (See last month's review, February's review.)

This month's gowns: Diamonds are a Dog's Best Friend (inspired by the hot pink number worn by Marilyn in Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend) and the The Red Premier Dress (based on the dress Ms. Monroe wore to a famous premier to promote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes).

The Diamonds are a Dog's Best Friend dress is one of our two favorite dresses in the collection. Possibly because we also love the Marilyn dress it's based on, but also because it's made from a thick, luxurious hot pink satin. The material just oozes luxe, dear reader, and we can't stop petting it. It's fully lined with the same hot pink satin and topped with a large, over-the-top, pleated satin bow in hot pink and black. We love the fit - it fits higher on the chest so it stays in place easily, and velcro straps attach at both the neck and under the belly to keep the dress secure. The entire dress looks just fabulous in any position - seated, standing or laying down.

It is a snug fit, however - chunky monkeys need not apply. There's double velcro under the belly - one to close the bodice, and one to secure the belt over top. The bodice itself is very form fitting - good thing we keep our pug model on a strict diet! The belt does have a little bit more room to move. But it's just so elegant, so lovely, that it's worth squishing yourself into. (Doesn't every movie star pay this price for her public?)

If Merry ever has a premiere to go to (her own, we hope!), this will likely be the dress she slinks across the red carpet in. Papparazzi, look out!

The second dress, the Red Premier Dress, is just plain fun. It's an off-the-shoulder number in hot red liquid lamé, fully lined. It features an oversized bow at the waist in black lamé and a small matching bow just at the shoulder. It's much lighter weight, thanks to the fabric, and hugs the bodice nicely. Like all off-the-shoulder designs, it's not necessarily meant for a very active dog, but this style actually holds on the frame a little better than most, thanks to the form fitting bodice. A full, unruffled skirt is elegant and drapes wonderfully when seated or laying down.

We love the little red bow at the shoulder. It really higlights the cut of the dress - lower over the shoulders - and adds a touch of whimsy to the dress, lest it be overwhelmed by all the lamé fabric. This dress fit Merry like a glove - smoothly, but not too snugly - which is one of the things this fabric, as well as this cut, excels at.

Both dresses, as with all pieces in the collection, come in their own official heavy weight frosted "Marilyn Monroe" garment bag with hanger. Given the quality of these dresses, you'll be glad to have a safe place to keep them when they're not being worn. These are truly amazing gowns, ones you can "pass on" from one generation of doggies in your home to the next.

We really aren't being paid to goosh about these dresses, but we truly haven't seen anything like these before - not in terms of uniqueness of design, not in terms of attention to detail, and not in terms of quality. The entire Marilyn Monroe collection sets the bar just that much higher for other dog dressmakers in this industry - by showing us all how it should be done.

Marilyn would be proud.

You can find out more about The Pink Hotdog from their web site at

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