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Product Reviews

Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pet Shampoo

It happened one cool September night and I will never forget it. I was chatting with my husband about a meeting I just got home from and I let the dogs into the backyard without looking. Now we live in an urban city - very suburbia - and although we do have a yard, it's fenced and safe from creatures....or so we thought. As the dogs bound excitedly outside, I heard them barking. I turned and looked out and saw it, a white was a sunk!
This was the first encounter with a skunk we had ever had and I can tell you I will never in my life forget it. All panic broke out as I shouted for the dogs to come back in only to realize that BOTH dogs had been sprayed right in the face. Both dogs are under 10lbs and both got sprayed an ample amount. As the dogs ran in, Paddington managed to run and escape my grasping fingers and went upstairs and hid under our bed. Now if you have ever experienced a skunking, you'll know that the smell is not only on the dogs but it goes everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean it. So when Paddy ran upstairs she only perpetuated the smell.
The dogs had many, many baths that week and fast forward to eight months later and whenever Corduroy, who got the brunt of the spray, got wet, I could still smell a faint odour of skunk. That is, until I bathed her with Nootie's Sweet Pea & Vanilla Shampoo. This stuff smells so good that I honestly thought about washing my own hair with it - I'm not going to lie. I also periodically will open it and sniff in the wonderful aroma. You may think I'm crazy, but I dare you not to after you've smelt it!! Either way, it got rid of that last lingering skunk smell once and for all! Yippee!!

The most fantastic thing about this shampoo is that it comes in the neatest bottle. I've mentioned before that I am such a sucker for packaging and this product is very high up there on my "love it" list. There are two parts to the product, and they fit seamlessly together in such a unique and compact way. The top contains the wonderful smelling shampoo and the bottom has a spritzer, in the same scent, for freshening up your dog's smell in between bath times. The spritzer essentially locks into place so that both can be stored together to save space in your closet - bonus! The packaging also has a great fun design on it depicting cute little blue dog getting washed.
The shampoo worked really well when I tried it on both dogs. It lathers up to a nice sudsy consistency that allowed me to make sure I got all their dirty parts clean. It also conditioned their hair enough that I didn't even have to use a conditioner on them, which I usually do. After their baths, the dogs smelled great and even for the next few days you could still smell the clean and fresh scent - even my husband commented on how good they smelled!
There are four scents available in Nootie's collection and we were lucky enough to review the Sweet Pea & Vanilla Dog Shampoo + Spritzer. Each scent is color coded so that if you have all four and the spritzers get detached from their shampoo buddy, you'll know which one goes with which. Not only are they different in scent, but each kind has a different benefit to your dog, from relieving dry itchy skin to cleansing and nourishing dry stressed coats.

We only reviewed the one scent, but it was so yummy and delicious that I cannot wait to try the rest of them myself...oops, I mean on the dogs!
You can find out more about Nootie or find out where to buy their products from their web site at Tell them Paddington and Corduroy sent you!

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