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Nautical Ribbon Dog Collars

Merry, for all her princessing ways, doesn't yet have a fabulous boyfriend who can whisk her away for a day on his boat. She keeps asking. But we have a hard enough time keeping tabs on the wee princess as it is, without allowing her out in open water with a rakish but who-knows-how-many-hearts-he's-broken bulldog. We'd never be able to keep her schedule straight, much less book her for photo shoots and meet and greets.

(Do bulldogs sail? Do they even like water? Oh, right, that's not the point.)

Still, the princess does live on a city with a lakefront. You never know when fate will come knocking and she'll have a rampant need for nautical gear and boat shoes.

(Do they make boat shoes for dogs?)

Thank goodness, then, that the wonderful folks at Owen and Olivia sent along not one but two collar-and-leash sets with a nautical theme. The princess is just ripe for the reviewing!

Both styles are 1" nylon collars with ribbon sewn over it for style. The first set we reviewed was the Mediterranean Wave, a fabulous symmetrical wave patten in a brilliant blue and white, on a navy blue nylon collar. We loved the name, and it's true - the design reminded us of Greece.

The second style was a navy with white shell pattern called, appropriately enough, White Shells on Navy. :) Again, it was backed by navy nylon.

It's important to note that both collar and lead only have ribbon on one side of the nylon. The backside of the leads are plain nylon. Leads are available in either 4' or 6' lengths and collars run from 11" to an enormous 26" neck size. That means you, big dogs!

Both collars have black plastic quick release snaps and chrome findings. Each collar and lead sports the "Owen and Olivia" logo.

The only thing we wish could be fixed about a typical quick-release nylon/ribbon collar is the fact that by the time the fabric is worked through the findings is is more than triple its thickness in spots; this makes for a stiff, uneven collar for the first days and weeks until the fabric is worn in. This isn't unique to Owen and Olivia's designs; it's endemic to this style of collar as a whole. It does eventually get worked in, and flexible - we just wish there were a better option for these collars, because this kind of style is otherwise so customizable and cute!

Overall, these are excellent, well made puppy collars and leads with a great eye for design behind them. Owen and Olivia is off to a great start - we can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Owen and Olivia from their web site at

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