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Product Reviews

Natural Dog Snout Soother

This month's reviews are brought to you by Paddington and Corduroy. Paddington is a feisty Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) who keeps her humans safe from any pending squirrel attacks by doing regular patrols of her yard and Corduroy is a laid back Malshi (Maltese/Shih Tzu) who is a fluffy ball of kisses and whose favorite activities include cuddles and napping...oh and eating. Both Paddington and Corduroy are thrilled to be reviewing pet products for the next two months and are very excited to bring you the latest and greatest pet products. They would both like to thank Merry for bestowing them with this honor.

I hate it when my nose gets dry, it is so uncomfortable. So I can just imagine how much worse it is for Paddington and Corduroy when their poor little noses get dry, it must be terrible! I have often wondered about something I could put on their noses, not only to keep from getting dry, but to protect from sun and wind damage. I knew that whatever I used it would have to be natural and free of chemicals because both dogs are notorious for licking things, including their own noses and I knew that whatever I put on there needed to absorb quickly so they wouldn't be licking away all of the benefits of it.

Wouldn't you believe it that there IS a product exactly like I was hoping for and lucky for us, we were asked to review it this month. YIPEE! Natural Dog Snout Soother is just as its name suggests: natural! It is created from eight different 100% pure ingredients made up of; shea nut butter, organic hempseed oil, kukui nut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rosemary extract, natural vitamin E and candelilla wax. When I buy something topical like this for my dogs, I really love reading the ingredient list and actually knowing what each ingredient is. Unlike the names of some weird preservatives, Natural Dog Snout Soother is chemical free and that is so important. Paddington and Corduroy are on a very healthy home cooked diet so the last thing I want is to put something on that they may lick off that contains all of the bad things we are trying to avoid in the first place. Going back to nature is sometimes the best way to go, and that is definitely the case for this balm.

Firstly let's begin with how wonderful the packaging is for this product. It came in the cutest little brown and blue striped box with a blue ribbon and a perfectly tied bow around it. I felt like I was opening my own little present...I mean the dog's own little present ;) The balm was inside, wrapped in blue tissue so it was perfectly protected through its travels. The balm is inside a round 2oz metal tin with the great Natural Dog branding on the top and the ingredient list and directions on the bottom. I am such a sucker for packaging and this product does not disappoint! The dogs love it too as a few mornings ago I woke up to the box in the middle of our bedroom floor - one of them had brought it out!

When you first open the lid on the balm, you'll definitely notice the natural smell coming from it. The smell is a mix of candle wax with fresh cut grass and to be honest it reminds me of being at the spa. The dogs definitely dug it and immediately tried liking it right from the tin!

The balm looks like it is quite firm, but rubs onto your finger very smoothly when you get some out to apply. I tried applying it to both Paddington and Corduroy's noses and it rubbed in very easily. Both dogs spent a little while licking their noses so I put a bit more on just to make sure they got the benefits of the product, but I definitely was not worried about them ingesting it. Their noses both gleaned a beautiful rich black color and they seemed to walk a little taller, nose in the air showing off their nicely moisturized sniffers.

This balm not only moisturizes, but it protects against wind, sun or any harsh weather conditions. It's also beneficial for already dry noses and is great for skin irritations. What is wonderful about this product is that it is so versatile. One huge problem I have with Paddington and Corduroy is that living in the city means a lot of walking on the pavement and in the winter, the salt from the sidewalks leads to dry and cracked paws. Natural Dog Snout Soother to the rescue! You can use it on their paws as well, which is just wonderful! I no longer have to worry about dry noses OR cracked pads on their feet all year round. I even swiped some of the snout soother for my own lips - it works great for humans too!

Dogs use their noses so much and I think it's great that there is something that we can use to make sure it is at its best. Paddington, Corduroy and I all give this product a big combined thumps and paws up.

You can find out more about Natural Dog Snout Soother or find out where to buy their products from their web site at Tell them Paddington and Corduroy sent you!

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