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Product Reviews

Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

There are so many "natural" or "botanical" grooming products in the pet market today that even for experts like the Princess Meredith, it can be tough to differentiate between them all.

The natural dog shampoo & conditioner package from Furfection caught our eyes almost immediately with an insert that read, in part:

  • Dog's skin is 3-5 cell layers thick. Compare this with human skin, which is 10-15 layers thick.
  • Veterinarians see more patients for skin conditions than for any other ailment.
  • The ideal pet shampoo is pH-balanced, made with natural ingredients, doesn't contain dyes, and uses little - if any - scent.

With just that short insert, they had our attention.

The shampoo is a "Gentle, No Tears" formula that is hypo-allergenic and safe for both dogs and cats. It contains a huge number of skin-soothing ingredients, like aloe vera, oatmeal, vitamin E and coconut. It had an incredibly light smell, no flowers or artificial scents at all, just a vague hint of coconut.

It wasn't particularly thick going on, but lathered well. The princess didn't complain about it near her eyes, so their "no tears" claim is accurate as well. But what we liked best was how easily it rinsed out. It's soap-free, which means you save about five minutes of rinsing and potentially hours of scratching because it rinses clean and doesn't seem to leave a residue.

The extra-shine moisturizing conditioner is suitable for all dog breeds (we'll assume that means it's not OK for cats). Contains many of the same ingredients - vitamin E, aloe, oatmeal - as well as kiki, mango and wheat protein for shine. It went on smoothly and, unlike a lot of doggy conditioners we've tried, we could actually feel with our hands the fur feeling smoother (just like your hair does when you smooth on a good hair conditioner). It, too, rinsed very clean and contained little or no scent.

Once the princess got over the indignity of looking like a drowned pugrat...

Little Merry was silky-smooth afterwards. What we liked best was how little she scratched or licked herself that week. Not that this was ever a huge problem (she is, after all, a princess, and indelicate scratching just isn't couth, you understand), but it was enough of a difference for us to notice. If your pet scratches a lot due to minor skin irritations (please consult your vet if it's recurring or more serious), this might just be the set for you.

We were, overall, pretty impressed with what we found. We liked the lack of scents - and how! - and also how well the products rinsed out.

Would we recommend it to friends? Absolutely! (There, we just did!).

You can find out more about Furfection from their web site at

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