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Doggie Dining Set by The Pet Lounge

Article Author: Dog Bowls Review - A Merryvaluation

Merry, aka The Princess, is nothing if not the most fashion conscious of all hounds. So hip it hurts. The little lady, you might say, has her front paw on the pulse of what's hot, what's not, when it comes to doggie fashion.

And retro (aka mid-century modern) is still in, baby, don't let anyone tell you different. Not just for the bod, but for the home to boot. (The princess has been known to positively drool over the offerings at the fabulous Morba here in Toronto.)

All of this is our way of saying, of course, that when we heard about new company The Pet Lounge and their fabulous doggie dining nod to the mid-century craze, we simply had to see their set in person! From the get-go, it was a crowd pleaser both for adults and Princess Pugs alike.


The Doggie-a-GoGo Bowl Set consists of two cleverly constructed pedestal bowls with a flared rim and a shallow bowl. Both the bowl itself and the foot of the pedestal are adorned with the kitschy red and black pattern. The pattern itself is a hot tomato red and features white silhouettes of a number of popular breeds: chihuahuas, poodles, pugs, scotties and doxies.

One of the things we're most excited about with this set: it also features a matching tray that will catch dropped food and spilled water, preserving your floors. The tray itself is so cute we can almost picture it hanging on a wall back in the 60's. So kitsch, baby.

The entire set is lightweight, made from that favorite of mid-century materials, melamine. (That's just so cool.) They're dishwasher safe, will not chip or fade - particularly useful if you have enthusastic play in your home. The bowls are shallow, perfect for many breeds but particularly flat-faced breeds (like our resident pug) who often have trouble getting into deeper bowls.

According the the company, each bowl will hold up to two cups of food and one cup of water - but we felt one cup of each was a very comfortable fit.

The workmanship, design and quality of these bowls are simply outstanding. Our only regret was that The Pet Lounge only has one design currently available, though more are on their way.

If you're looking for a bit of kitschy fun for your home, these will fit the bill nicely. If you're as addicted to mid-century modern as we are, there just isn't a better dining set out there. Too fun; we can't wait to see their new designs!

You can find out more about The Pet Lounge from their web site at


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