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Product Reviews

Metallic Dog Lead Sets

Oh, the bling. Look. Let me tell you something: I don't care who your pooch is, I don't care how many times he or she has wallowed in the mud. No dog on the planet will turn down the chance to wear bling.

Why? It's the attention, baby. Put a bit of bling on the dog and go for walkies. It's like instant gratification. All the attention your pup could ever want or need. (I still contend that this is because girls are automatically drawn to sparklies, no matter who's wearing them, and if you couple that with a cute pooch, it's like overload. You have to walk over and say hi and give some attention. It's a law or something.)

For this reason alone (though of course in the case of the diva pug there are other reasons as well, darling), it's a blast to give the girl her bling. And you'll have a hard time getting blingier than the fabulous new color options in the Rhinestone Bone collars and leads from Rouge New York.

Silver, baby. And gold. Sweeeet.

Like the rest of the Rhinestone Bone collection of collars, these collars feature faux-croc leather and are proudly adorned, about every two inches or so, with a small rhinestone encrusted bone pendant, all the way around the collar. They also feature a small dangling rhinestone-encrusted pendant hanging from the d-ring. Because it's all about the sparkle and shine.

But what's new: sparkling silver, really cool metallic. And also: glistening gold. This is seriously the hottest and coolest gold you'll ever see. You know how sometimes you'll see a metallic and think "huh, that's the best they can do?". Not so with this stuff. This stuff looks like poured metal.

The collars are 3/4" wide; matching leashes are available in either 1/2" or 1" widths, depending on your needs (for examples, see the photos to the right: the gold we photographed in the 1" width; the silver, in the 1/2" width). Both widths are fully finished with a neutral cream pleather on the back.

More importantly, both leash widths feature a blingy rhinestone-encrusted pendant near the handle - can't have you looking "bling free" while your pet's all decked out!

I think one of the best things about these collars and leashes, though, is the matching hardware. The silver's easy enough - most companies feature chrome findings, which goes great with the silver, but the gold set really blew us away, because it's ALL gold.

As in, gold-colored findings, including the d-ring, buckle and leash hook as well as even the rhinestone pendants themselves - all gold colored. It really takes a set that might look "nice" and makes it look just rich and awesome.

As with everything we've reviewed from Rouge New York, the quality of workmanship is incredible and the design is tight and very "now". And the prices are really incredible.

We're big believers in the idea that if you're going to do something, do it darned well. The folks at Rouge New York clearly have the same business ethic as we do - and that's why you'll see them around for a long time to come.

You can find out more about Rouge New York from their web site at

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