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Product Reviews

Metallic Dog Collars and Dessert Dog Toys

You know, I didn't always like bling. I was a pretty plain-jane kind of gal (tailored dress clothing, dozens of pairs of jeans, plain t-shirts in mostly black...) until the princess pug came along. Suddenly, I'm looking at bling all the livelong day and I'm here to tell you, oh skeptical ones: if you stare at pink and bling enough, you start to covet it. You start to luuuurve it. And now I own a fair amount of bling of my own, including a watch that can blind you if you were to, say, catch a chai latte with me someplace with too much overhead lighting).

The point is, folks, that nowadays when bling comes into our office, I squeal just like a little girl and immediately run over to Merry and start draping it over her.

It's a sickness. I know. My doctors are looking into it.

Meanwhile, I was able to enjoy DogChewz' latest package to its fullest, because baby, it was chock a block o bling. But that's not all: it also had chocolate inside. Okay, fine, not real chocolate, but that's probably better for the pug's waistline anyway. Let's get reviewing!

First up: the metallic dog colors. Because the folks at DogChewz are fabulous but crazy, they sent along all the colors in their new super-slim metallic dog collars: red, hot pink, electric blue, silver, gold, and lilac. Hence, the lovely Flash rotator-thingie on the right, to show you all the wonderful colors available. :)

Each collar is slim (just 1/4" wide), lightweight, and works with their slide-on rhinestone charmss that you can position anywhere you like along the dog collar. (For this review, the company kindly sent along blingy rhinestone heart slides.) While I wouldn't recommend this collar for dogs who really tug on the leash while walking, these collars should do wonderfully for medium-to-light use; if your pooch walks along beside you, behind you or just in front, you're golden. The fit was great; Merry (who has a 13" neck; the company sent size 16 collars) had plenty of room without being too big. We also liked the matching tiny leashes with the itsy-bitsy clasps; so cute and small it made my teeth hurt.

Each collar is backed by a cream pleather and is stitched through on both sides with coordinating thread on each side (very nice touch). All findings are chrome; the leashes are a 4' length.

The best part of these collars, in my opinion, is the color choices. Why choose? Seriously. They're so cute you should consider getting most of the colors; no pup should have to clash!

Next, the desserts... because just like with real food, we save the best for last.

Look, I'm a sucker for food-related dog toys. It comes from being a foodie and having shelves groaning with cookbooks. If it's food related and squeaks, I want the princess to have three of them. Just makes me happy to see her playing with them. And these toys didn't disappoint; two ice-cream-cone styles and one slice of dark chocolate cake. Merry particularly loved the vanilla soft-serve dog toy with the waffle cone, as you can see from the last photo. Like most DogChewz smalll dog plush toys (though the cake is also available in size: big), these babies come with good little squeakers, fabulous attention to detail (love, love the cherry on top of the sundae cone) and a nice soft exterior.

As always, we were thrilled with the adorableness, the clever design, and the workmanship of the DogChewz products - they've been a solid force in this industry for years, and all of their products are made in the USA to boot. We can't wait to see what's coming up next from them!

You can find out more about DogChewz from their web site at

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