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Product Reviews

Matching Dog Bandana & Scarf

Particularly as summer approaches, I start thinking about different ways for the pug to get her diva on without making her pant her poor little face off. Bandanas are such a great way to add a hit of color and personality without making the dog overheat; honestly, we haven't used a lot of bandanas in the past.

NYC Scarf has changed all that with their adoro mommy & me sets of doggy bandanas and people scarves (also sold separately). They sent along a set of their Psychadelic (sp) Yellow / Blue design for us to take a look at.

The fabric design is part 60's psychedelic, part “Pucci”-esque with a combination of buttercup yellow, sage green, turquoise, brown and cream. It's incredibly soft, made from a 50% silk and 50% poly charmeuse blend. The design of the bandana itself is a simple pyramid with just a perfect length of edging to tie around the pug's neck with about an inch to spare on each end.

The best part about these bandanas? 5 different lengths, my friend. Merry's sporting the 18" length, but they come in lengths up to 34" which means most pooches, regardless of size, can get their diva on.

The matching people scarf is made from identical fabric and comes in a single size: 56" long, 4" wide. It's perfect for double-wrapping at the neck, using around a ponytail or wrapped around your head like a makeshift headband.

The quality and workmanship in these pieces is clear throughout. You can tell that this is an upscale product with a company that actually cares, and that's always what we're all about here.

You can find out more about NYC Scarf or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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