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Product Reviews

Luxury Dog Sofa and Leather Collar

Once in a great while, we get a product in that makes me more excited than the pug. This is one of those reviews. Hold on to your hat!

The truth is I love love love dog sofas. Yes, I do realize that if I were to buy all of the dog sofas I like, I would have no room for a sofa of my own. Not exactly practical. But they're just so cute I can't stand it; plus, when done right they look gorgeous with your decor, and I'm all about an elegant and attractive decor.

So when the folks from Calling All Dogs sent in their Leatherette Dog Sofa for us to try on for size, I was jumping around and yelling "Yippee". No, I do not have video for you. (You can thank me later.)

Pound for pound, this is one of the cutest dog sofas I've ever seen. It's got a nice high back, sloping sides and a finished, covered front. Most of the sofa is wrapped in a soft chocolate brown pleather. The interior of the sofa is lined with faux suede and it features a thin padded faux suede cushion - also in chocolate brown - for the pooch to get all comfy on.

And it has the most charming little wooden feet ever. Nice touch: the little wooden feet have black foam on the bottom to not only avoid scuffs on your good wooden floors, but also to hold the bed securely in place when Fido flops onto the bed from two feet away.

What's even nicer: the interior suede parts are removable and washable. And nicest of all: you really, really won't believe the reasonable price tag for a sofa this solid, this well made and this elegant in person. The construction is really well made; it's solid, really solid, but not so heavy that it's impossible to lift (for a lady like me who occasionally has back troubles, that's a big plus). I was able to carry it up and down flights of stairs with one arm without a problem.

Merry curled up in this baby like it was a second home. She loved the high back and routinely lays sprawled up against it.

The nice folks at Calling All Dogs also sent along a charming leather dog collar, so that Merry had something to wear while trying out her new dog bed - the Leather Petals: Yellow Sunflower dog collar.

This gorgeous all-leather dog collar features a strip of braided, woven leather across the throat and a cute little leather "flower" near the buckle. The main leather color is close to goldenrod, with a lighter yellow braid and a combination of deep indigo, goldenrod and white leather strips to make up the "flower".

The metal hardware is brass & zinc alloy based - nickel and lead safe, as well as durable to boot.

The leather is even finished with a special coating to ensure that they're both waterproof and non-toxic. Fit was superb, and the workmanship was of incredible quality.

I do have to admit, though, that the collar - while gorgeous, deliciously colored and incredibly well made - kind of came in second after the fabulous, fabulous sofa. (Did I mention I liked the sofa?) It's clear though: Calling All Dogs has clearly got some incredible products on offer. Four paws up and two thumbs to boot!

You can find out more about Calling All Dogs from their web site at

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