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Product Reviews

Lupine Harness and Lead

Before I brought Merry home, I asked around, read a lot, generally boned-up (pardon the pun) on the Pug breed.

Nobody told me that Pug is synonymous with tug.

With that in mind, I have to admit I was skeptical when I opened the envelope from retailer 18 Toes with a complete Lupine collar, harness and lead set. The set was 1/2 an inch wide - fully half the width of the lead and harness I've been using on Merry since she was a puppy.

Don't get me wrong. The set was adorable! Red nylon with pink and white hearts, absolutely perfect for the princess pug. I knew she'd look spectacular in it. Let's be honest here, the princess looks spectacular in pretty much everything. :)

Still, this set was thin. Frankly, I figured we'd get the harness and lead on her, go outside, she'd see another dog or one of her two-legged “fans”, she'd pull and pull and pull and the set would snap.

Polly, 18 Toes' owner, helped put my mind at ease: “My Pug Bella has a complete set of Lupine and they are still in excellent condition after two years of trips to the beach, parks, and dirt trails.” Well, if her pug didn't break it...

We went for a very short walk its first time out. I was amazed at how much lighter it was - lighter for her (she moved around like greased lightning!) and also much lighter for me. On weight alone, I could have easily given it five stars.

In the weeks since, we've gone all over Toronto with the Lupine set on. To parks, short jaunts around the neighbourhood, walking trips all around the city, even in heavy traffic. Not only has the Lupine set held, it's been a dream to carry around. It's light, and it cleans very well (jsut a bit of soap and water in the sink).

Best of all, every Lupine product is backed by a “Guaranteed, even if chewed” warranty (good news for the pug who loves to grab things in her mouth and run away, playing) and will be replaced, for free, if anything happens to them.

Would I recommend Lupine products again? You bet. Twice on Sunday.

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