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Dog Festive Collars & Necklace by VIPoochy

Article Author: Dog Accessories Review - A Merryvaluation

Clothing is fun, beds are fabulous, but I don't know a single young lady who doesn't love to accessorize.

This is doubly true of our famous resident princess pug, who coined phrases like "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" before she was housebroken (what? you thought it was Marilyn? - pshaw!). Accessories are her passion. An outfit is just an outfit until it's properly accessorized.

Then, of course, it's an ensemble. But we digress.

For casual days, one of the most fun ways to accessorize is with "Festive Collars" - those decoration-only collars festooned with a bevy of ribbons and color. It goes great with dog au naturel as well as over a tee shirt or sweater. It's also a fabulous addition for parties - birthday parties, grownup parties, Christmas parties... you get the idea.

Believe it or not, with all the pug's wardrobe, she's never tried a festive collar before! So she was doubly thrilled to try out not one, but two different collars from VIPoochy.

The first collar we tried was the Garnet/Maroon & Black Go Team! Festive Collar. It's a deliciously lovely style with a combination of maroon and black chiffon ribbons, each topped with a matching pom pom. It had a good weight to it and fit loosely around the neck (perfect for wearing all day long).

The second collar was the Christmas Bells Festive Collar. Can we tell you how much Grandma's going to love this collar on Christmas morning? There's no better combination than festive red, green & gold ribbon. More than half of the ribbons are topped with matching tiny bells in red, green & gold. Absolutely perfect way to keep track of a nosy pug in a house full of people during the holidays. It, too, fit loosely around the neck but was much lighter weight than the first collar. If you have a pet that can't handle heavy neckwear, this would be a perfect choice (Merry barely felt it!).

But wait! The folks at VIPoochy were also kind enough to send along one of their Bling Bling necklaces for the princess to try.

The Star Bling Bling Dog Necklace comes on a sturdy silver chain with a heart clasp, and it's a relatively lightweight necklace considering its size. The star charm is integrated into the necklace itself (it's not a pendant), and is inlaid with Swarovski crystals. Each charm is about 1" square.

We loved its reasonable price (can you believe it's only $25?), its incredible sparkle and the adorable heart clasp at the back.

For a quick bling treat, this necklace can't be beat.

[Ed. -- Did we just actually write that?]

If your furkid loves accessorizing, you can't go wrong with these items from VIPoochy. Great quality, great value, and stylish to boot!

You can find out more about VIPoochy from their web site at

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