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Product Reviews

Louis Dog Bed & Organic Dog Toy

Louis Dog is just one of the coolest designers ever. Let me tell you why I love them: because they hit it out of the park every time. Their products are highly consistent in terms of quality, they pay attention to the fact that we want designs for our homes that complement our pets - but also sometimes complement our home's decor.

I've been reviewing their products now for five years and I continue to be impressed with their quality.

The folks at The Ritzy Rover sent along one of the newer designs of Louis Dog pet beds - the Very House Grey. It's a standard "nest" style bed (that also comes in pink, natch) that has higher bolsters on the sides and back, and a more accessible lower bolster on the front. It's a perfect, elegant design that works great.

The entire inner bed (including the removable pillow) is covered in dove grey minky soft faux fur - because our pooches deserve no less than that level of minky softness against their skin. The outer bed is covered in soft faux suede in tan. One of my favorite features of Louis Dog beds are the bases - and this bed doesn't disappoint there. It's a dark brown non-slip material that ensures the bed will stay put when your pooch goes flopping.

The outer bed is edged in lovely soft cream lace and features a darker grey satin bow in the center, fastened with a rhinestone brooch for a wee touch of glam.

Kit and kaboodle is washable on the gentle cycle only folks; also, please be sure to line dry (those faux furs are never happy in a dryer).

As you can see, the princess loves to cuddle up in these beds. She's good to loung e in them for hours. (Tough life, huh?)

The other item sent in from The Ritzy Rover was something we've been hoping to review for a while: one of the line of organic dog toys we've been seeing simply everywhere. This little (well, not too little - she's about 12 inches tall) bunny is called the Petite Lucy Plush Rabbit, and she's absolutely adorable.

From a pure play perspective, this plush dog toy is genius. Small squeakers in the hands. HUGE squeakers in the feet. And finally, a removable (and replaceable) squeaker in the belly. The back fastens with velcro, but if you open it up you'll find a cloth-wrapped squeaker. When your pet has broken that to smithereens, just place a new squeaker inside!

But Lucy's special for more reasons than that. You see, she's made with organic 100% cotton fabric and natural, non-toxic dyes. Her terry-like exterior is also saliva resistant (who knew?) and as a whole, this is a far more environmentally friendly little toy than you normally find.

And was she fun to play with? You bet! The princess had a blast finding all of the squeakers and dragging her all over the place. The toy would be great for mid-sized and small dogs; while she's not a bad size for bigger dogs, you may not want to give her to your toughest chewer (I mean, it's not as tough as rubber, folks). Heck, Merry played with toys bigger than this when she was a puppy, so it would really work for most sizes.

What's more, you can feel better about the environment - and your pooch's exposure - while they play. And isn't that a good thing?

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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